Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Exumas

We have been exploring the Exuma Islands here in the Bahamas, so far we have visited Highbourne Cay, Warderick Wells, Staniel Cay and are currently in Black Point. Highbourne was definitely the least exciting of the four, and was also one of the ones we visited when we did a charter here in February. But there was quite a group of sharks hanging around the fish cleaning station at the marina. It was quite a scene when one of the fishermen would throw Amish scrap in the water, it was a fight to the death. Warderick Wells is part of the Exuma land and Sea Parks and is protected so there's no fishing. But they have many trails on land, and it's completely deserted, and desert like, but not the dry type of desert. There are also these holes in the rocks called Blow Holes, and when the waves and wind blow it makes a howling type sound and air blows out of the hole. Scared the crap out of me at first!

The fight to the death
The desert


A Sperm Whale Skeleton (yes thats what its really called)
Staniel Cay is pretty amazing. They have a Grotto that you can go diving in called Thunderball Grotto. This is where the James Bond movie was filmed, and in the bar there (there's really only 1 bar) they have old photos of when it was being filmed, pretty cool. You have to go at low and slack tide because otherwise the water is too high and the current too strong. I thought I was going to be scared of diving/snorkeling, something about looking into the ocean feels invasive, like I'm looking into someone else's home and I shouldn't be. The first time I do I always seem to lose my breath. But once I get going I don't want to stop, I was the last one in the cave, John had to come drag me out. Here's a video of inside the Grotto.
Entrance to the grotto

You may recall that John and I did a sailing Charter last year on a boat called Basta. You may also recall that fate made us meet once again with Basta in Norfolk. We were just beginning to wonder if Basta ever made it to the Bahamas when a couple of québécois came by our boat asking where the dinghy dock was. They introduced themselves and said they were doing a charter on a boat called Basta! Really, what are the chances?! It is apparently a very small world, especially in the Bahamas.
A shipwreck
Making friends

Having pina coladas with Isalbelle & Pierre-Luc from Oceane

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