Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Crossing

We did not end up crossing with Lili Pong since they had fridge/freon issues that needed to be solved before going to the Bahamas, so we went solo. First we crossed from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, which for me was worse than crossing the Gulf Stream. I got cocky, since the last time we were on the ocean I didn't get sick, so I thought I would be fine this time too, I was wrong. Maybe it's because we haven't moved in 2 weeks so I was no longer used to the motion of the ocean, or maybe it was the 5 ft waves, but whatever it was, I was sick again. 

We arrived in Miami after sunset and pulled up to the Miami Beach Marina where the dockhand was super nice and let us tie up there for free, gave us a free (much needed) pump out, water and let us use the nice showers (it hd seriously been over 2 weeks since we had a real shower). Pretty good considering it's usually about $4/ft! After our shower I was starving and made some of my world famous Kraft Dinner. I ate it so fast that I threw up over the side of the boat (probably the fact that I had been seasick contributed to that), good times. We napped for 1 1/2 hrs before we set out to cross the Gulf Stream at midnight.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ocean had calmed down a lot. My tummy felt much better, though I was still pretty out of it from being tired and doped up from the sea sickness patch. Dexter was also pretty stoned, I gave him a sedative since he was shaking during the way to Miami, and I didn't know how the weather would be, and since we would be going for much longer, and it was going to be dark, I wanted him to be able to relax. He was definitely relaxed, his eyes were glazed over and he looked like he was giving me a dopey smile the whole time, and he never moved. 

John and I took turns driving (there was no wind so we motored the whole way) while the other one napped. It was kind of nice sailing in the pitch black with only the moon as your light, but John found it pretty stressful. We got to watch the sun rise and before we knew it (actually 13 hrs later) we were in the crystal clear turquoise water of the Bahamas. 

We made our way in, checking out the potential anchorages when we spotted Brin de Folie anchored (what are the chances?!) and went and dropped our anchor near them. As we were entering a small plane landed on the water and we tried to get out of its way, but it appeared to be following us into the anchorage. Turns out it was following us because it ties up right by where we anchored, so that was different.

We went to shore with Brin de Folie to go through customs. If your boat is 35 ft or more, you have to pay $300, under 35 ft you pay $150. We wrote on the paper that she was 10 meters (which is about 35-36 ft). The guy at customs asked Siri on his iPhone how much 10 meters was, and she replied "It's about 32 ft" thank you Siri! Thanks to her stupidity, we only had to pay $150, god bless technology!

After going back and forth to several offices, and the guy barely glancing at Dexters papers which were such a pain to get, we were all checked in. I wasn't even allowed to be there, they didn't even need to see me, or Dexter or come on the boat, which makes me think that it would be pretty easy to smuggle people and other things into the Bahamas. I'll remember that in case I'm a drug lord in my next life.

We came back to the boat, and had a much needed nap. 

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