Monday, January 06, 2014

Nassau, New Years and a Mean Laundry Lady

On our way to Nassau John (finally!) got the autopilot working! Of course he decided to do it after I had already been driving, fighting the wind and waves, for almost 3 hours, would have definitely appreciated it earlier! The autopilot is essentially like our cruise control. You set it on which compass heading (direction) you want it to go and then sit back and enjoy while it drives for you. But to be safe someone should always at least be in the cockpit if not behind the wheel to make sure you are going the right way, and that you're not on a collision course. But it helps save our arms and backs from the tiresome driving, especially if we're just motoring, so yay for that!

We celebrated New Years in Nassau with 5 other boats from Quebec (they're taking over the cruising community!). There were a lot of fireworks, some at Atlantis (the famous resort) but also from a barge that went uncomfortably close to our boat. One woman told me that one year the sparks from the fireworks burnt little holes into her sail, luckily we came out unscathed. 
The Quebecois 
Happy New Years!

Isabelle and Pierre-Luc from S/V Oceane

We enjoyed the facilities of a marina (that we weren't staying at-shhh), including a nice pool, nobody seemed to question our being there, so that was great. I did laundry, which is incredibly expensive ($18 for 2 loads!) and there was a mean laundry lady, or monitor or something, I'm not quite sure what her job was, but she wouldn't let me put my two small loads of wet laundry into the very large dryer, and she yelled at me for trying. She also stood in the room (just me and her) as I folded the laundry, and stared me down as if I was folding my laundry in such a manner that made her very very angry. After the staring contest, which she inevitably won, I made my escape!

We are on our way to the Exuma Islands, though by the time I am able to post this, we may be long gone since there is no Internet connexion anywhere! We got a SIM card for our phone with 3G, but theres hardly even any cell signal here, so I'm sorry to anyone I haven't texted back! Some marinas have internet that you can pay for ($15 for 100 mb, thats barely enough to check your email!). But I suppose that is the beauty of this, to really be secluded on a beautiful island, without relying on the Internet, I just didn't think it would be so hard to go without it!