Saturday, January 18, 2014

Little Farmers Cay-The Place I Wanna Be!

The people of Little Farmers Cay are very proud of their island. Even thought here are only 55 residents, they still have their own flag and their own anthem. They also have quite a lot of personality! We first met Roosevelt Nixon (real name, he comes from along line of Nixon's, and I guess his parents thought Roosevelt was fitting, or hilarious), who runs the mini yacht club. 

We walked through the town, seeing many abandoned cars, boat parts and even houses that were half built. We met JR, the legendary wood carver. Then we headed over to Ocean Cabin restaurant (after we had been walking a while to many dead ends in the heat, we finally found it), where we met Terry and his wife Ernestine. Very friendly people! After having a cold refreshing beverage, Terry told us a lot about the Bahamian politics, and much much more. He told us how Little Farmers Cay is what's called a generation island, which means that no one can sell it, it can only be passed down through families, but can't be bought. His wife is from another island so she can't own it, but their children can, very interesting concept. 
JR the wood carver in his studio
He asked us what was the most important thing about culture, I answered "food" (which was apparently the right answer) and he was so excited that I got it right,said that no one has ever gotten that right before, and that I had to sign his guest book, and that I was incredibly smart (if that's all it takes, then I'm a genius!). I guess you cold say we hit it off.
Best open hours ever
All of us with Terry and Ernestine
Before we left they were adamant about us singing the Little Farmers Cay anthem (Ernestine said she was in a singing mood!), and they passed out papers with the lyrics on it and we all sang it together. Pretty good anthem for a place of only 55 residents!

We later went for a hike on land to a neat cave, with bats in it. Dexter was a trouper and came along for the ride, I think he thought it was pretty cool. And he even came several steps into the water towards me on the beach on his own accord (without me forcing him!) I think this is a big step, way to go Dex!
Starting the trail
He made it!

Me & Isabelle

A lot of abandoned cars and boat parts everywhere-how did they even get on the island?!
We really enjoyed meeting all the locals and experiencing their culture (yes we ate their food!). We spend the evening playing boards games (taboo anyone?!) with Oceane and Brin de Folie on our boat, playing a bilingual game-though really mostly in French!
Can't beat that price!
Seems like there is a lot of things under construction or at least they were...
Common in the Bahamian Islands, not enough people for individual classes
All the students from the school
Happy to have a visit!

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