Friday, January 31, 2014

Learning to Live on Island Time

Those of you who know John, know how much of a man of routine he is. He is stressed if he has not been able to check enough things off his list each day. He says he's not a morning person, but is even more unhappy if he sleeps in, as he's wasting precious time that he could use to get something done. And it has to be a really rainy day for him to watch a movie during the day. While these are usually good things, and make him a very productive person, it does not make him a very relaxed person, so you could say he's struggling a bit with adjusting to island time and the way of life here.

Luckily, I have been able to open his eyes (if only slightly) to this. I think I am more naturally on island time, even in Canada (which unfortunately doesn't work as well over there as an excuse). We've worked really hard to get here, so let's stop and enjoy it. The problem is that there are always things to be done, things that need to be fixed, projects to do, and improvements to make. But you could spend all day every day on that and there would still be more to do. I'm not saying give up on everything, but to cut down a little. If we had waited until we had everything we needed, and everything fixed and perfect before leaving Montreal on this trip, we would still be back there.

It's a hard balance to find, and I'm sure it would be easy to get complacent. But we spent the first 4 months always on the go, and it can really drain you. 

I'm hoping that little by little, I can bring John over to the dark side, and succumb to island time!
Relaxing step 1

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  1. I'm concerned about the same thing with Mark - always on the go. Thanks for sharing - and keep us updated on your progress of bringing him over to our side!