Thursday, January 30, 2014

Johns First Dinner

Some of you may recall that recently I tried to do a week switch with John where he did all the cooking and food stuff, while I washed the dishes. This was not entirely successful, as he managed to somehow only make 3 breakfasts and 1 lunch (I'm not even sure I can really call that lunch), so I said that I really wanted him to try making 1 dinner. 

We went into the town and I asked if there was any ingredients he wanted to get for his dinner. He said that he would go buy a jar of pasta sauce and make pasta. I said nonononono, that is a cop-out. You've proven you can boil water and open jars, but I want to see you but your back into it a little. As much as he did not want to do this, he set forth to do it. 

Meanwhile, I ran in to several people who said "are you excited for dinner?", or "I hear someone else is making dinner tonight!". It really feels like a small town here where everyone knows everything, which is most likely a result of John asking everyone for help in a panic, and the fact that all of our conversations are broadcast to everyone over the VHF radio. 

I came back to the boat to find John hard at work on dinner. He made a nut crusted grouper (which he had bought from the boys by the conch shack) and some rice. And low and behold-it was delicious! I was really impressed, and proud (and I think he was as well!). So now that he has proven to be capable in the kitchen, I've commissioned him to make dinner once a week-but we'll see how many times he'll weasel his way out of that one!
Hard at work
The finished product

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