Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Dragging Anchor

After enjoying a nice drink at sunset with a few other boats at Highbourne Cay, talking about how I'm always nervous about dragging anchor because all the reviews that I read about anchorages on Active Captain (the most amazing website and the best thing to happen to cruisers-every marina and anchorage has a description, rating and people write their reviews) always have several people writing that they dragged anchor in every anchorage we've anchored in. The reason this concerned me was because its been 4 months since we've been on this voyage, and we have never dragged anchor. We're only so experienced, so why has it happened to so many others but not us?

For those who aren't familiar, dragging anchor is when your anchor that you've set in the bottom of the ocean to keep you from moving, moves. This usually happens if the wind is very strong, if your anchor has not dug in deep enough to the floor of the ocean, or if the bottom is rocky and not sandy/muddy therefor is hard for it to dig into anything.

Clearly I spoke too soon because about 5 hours after I had just finished telling everyone how we have never dragged anchor, we almost hit one of their boats. Apparently I jinxed our good luck. We were half asleep and I had this funny premonition that something wasn't right. I asked John to go outside and check (my night vision just isn't what it used to be) and no sooner did he step outside than his anchor alarm (yes there's an app for that!) went off, and we were a mere 10 ft from another boat. We set the anchor several more times before we felt somewhat more confident, though I can't say I fell into a deep sleep after. But luckily, no boats were injured.

Just goes to show, never say never.

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