Monday, January 13, 2014

Dexter Versus the Swimming Pigs

Dexter got a lesson in swimming (which he wasn't thrilled about), and has been swimming a bit every day (which he is definitely not happy about), but it's good for him to get the exercise and to cool down when it's hot.

Not only was Dexter thrown into the water, he also had a near death experience. In Staniel Cay there are pigs that swim. You know the saying "when pigs fly" well I thought that pigs swimming was almost as rare as flying. Not these pigs, they swim quite well. Too well. And they are very aggressive. They swim out to your dinghy and if you don't feed them, they'll try climbing in. And they're big, and they have big ugly teeth! I was so excited to see these pigs, give them a hug maybe. But I admittedly started squealing (like a pig!) when one came at me. Dexter was freaking out, definitely thought they were friends he could play with, until one big guy went and tried to take a bite out of him. It's funny now, but he even had some of Dexters fur! Luckily Dex was quick to realize what was happening and I swat at it, and Dexter survived to tell the tale. 

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