Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dexter Versus the Goats

We went diving with a few other boats, with spears, trying to catch some dinner, but no such luck. But the coral and fish were beautiful, I was trying to go deeper down to get a better look when I caught sight of a shark, and carefully (and as fast as possible, without making too much commotion) swam away, meanwhile Johnwas swimming away from a barracuda.

Since they provide free, drinkable water here, and because most people's water tanks are near the bottom, the men spent the afternoon doing runs from the tap to the boat with Jerry cans to fill up the tanks (this is one of the times I'm quite content in not being strong enough to carry that kind of weight!). It's a huge pain, but much needed. 

While walking through the town, we came across a group of goats, and Dexter got very very excited. The goats suddenly all marched up to the fence in a group in gang-like fashion, they looked ready for a face off. Dexter was trying to hold his own, and then the  leader of the goats began to "relieve" himself, I don't know if this was a successful tactic used in war times, but it worked for us, and we dragged Dexter away. We were way outnumbered.

This is also the first place that I've seen kids out and about, which is nice. I made friends with some of them (actually Dexter did). They had a lot of fun taking Dexter for runs, taking turns with his leash, feeding him water, and most of all dumping water on him. I guess he was due for a bath!

So overal Dexter has had some traumatizing experiences, being thrown in the water (many times), almost being eaten by a pig, had a face off with a group of goats and tormented by children, but I think it builds character! Here is a video of Dexters life changing experiences.

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