Friday, January 03, 2014

Christmas and the 24 Hour Passage

I can't say it felt very much like Christmas, I was definitely missing home, probably for the first time. Luckily we were able to leach Internet off of a nearby marina so we could Skype with our families. I tried to replicate my aunt Donna's delicious Christmas breakfast, (but wasn't as good) and tried so hard to find cinnamon buns (our morning tradition) but failed. On a positive note, I was wearing my bathing suit, while everyone back home was wearing their parkas and toques!

To get into the Christmas spirit a bit, John wore a Santa hat, and Dexter his Santa outfit and we watched Christmas movies. 

I made dinner (pumpkin sweet potato soup) while listening to Christmas music, and later Brin de Folie and Pierre-Luc and Isabelle from Oceane who crossed with Brin de Folie came over for Christmas dinner. We had a good time (a whole box of wines worth of good times) and good conversation, but it was definitely not the same without family!

The next day we got all ready to do a huge passage from Bimini to Chub Cay.

We set out at 6am, before the sun rose. There were 4 of us boats going together (Brin de Folie, Oceane and Audrey Ann-all from Quebec-they're everywhere!). The ocean was definitely not as calm as it was before and the wind was strong. We were able to sail for part of it without any help from our motor, but the wind was not from the best angle and had to do a lot of motoring to be able to head north. 

Once again John and I took turns at the helm while the other napped. The waves and wind just got stronger, we were crashing hard into the waves and we were nose into the wind which slowed us down a lot. We finally arrived at Chub Cay just after 5am the next morning (almost a whole 24 hrs of non-stop sailing), anchoring in the dark. We were so dead, and we couldn't wait to climb into bed. To our unfortunate surprise, our bed was very wet, and we had to sleep on the couches. Luckily we were so tired that we had no trouble falling asleep. 

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