Thursday, January 23, 2014

Camp Georgetown

Since Georgetown has become so popular (especially with Americans) the population here is only 50% Bahamian, the rest are cruisers. In my opinion, it loses some of its charm and culture because of that,  but there is still plenty. It seems like a great place for families because there are tons of activities going on every day (beach volleyball, scavenger hunts, trivia nights etc). Every morning they have what's called a cruisers net, where they announce the weather, and any business can make announcements, any activities or events that are happening, and anything else you want to ask or share. The VHF radio is really happening here, it's hard sometimes to call someone because so many people are already talking, it's like a party on the radio-and a lot of flirting seems to go on. It's funny, because it's almost like we're eavesdropping, but everyone knows that everyone can hear them. It's got a camp-type feel here, but instead of cabins and tents, there are boats, and instead of kids, we're mostly adults.

The thing that sucks about Georgetown is you can't go swimming in a lot of places, at least not in any of the anchorages or anywhere near where other boats might be. It's because there is such a large number of boats here (300-600) and everyone let's their holding tank (toilet) go into the water. The water is still a nice blue, but it's a bit more murky, you can't see the bottom, and it's not clear like it is elsewhere.

We went to a trivia night with Isabelle and Pierre-Luc from Océane at the St. Francis Yacht club. We would have come in at least 3rd if it wasn't for the amount of local questions there were (what colour is the sign on the bathroom door of the Chat n' Chill-I don't know, I just got here!). But since most people here are serious regulars, we definitely had no chance there, but it was still fun.

We're going to stick around Georgetown for at least a couple more days, we have some boat maintenance to do, cleaning and the winds aren't looking great and we are in a pretty protected spot. Georgetown is also the best place for provisions and boat parts. We are planning on going to Long Island (the one in the Bahamas, not the US), but the weather here has been pretty gloomy, and we want to enjoy exploring Long Island on a nice hot day.

The tunnel to go through to get to the dinghy dock

The straw market

A friendly game of volleyball!

The Gang watching a beautiful sunset

Pierre-Luc & Isabelle from Oceane

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