Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black Point

Currently we are at Black Point, which I think is my favourite place so far in the Exuma. There's a bit more civilisation, but it's not at all commercial or touristy. The people are so friendly, they don't charge you to throw out your garbage (yes, everywhere else charges, sometimes up to $25!) and they have free drinkable water (yes, everywhere else charges for that too!). 

I visited what is called "The Garden of Eden", it's a man named Willie's driftwood sculpture garden in his backyard. Willie came out and gave me a private tour, and explained what the sculptures were (which was good since I would not have done an accurate job of interpreting them on my own!). He told me his secret method: he'll look at me, and then go into the forest and find a piece of would that looks like me. He watches the clouds, but he has to be careful-clouds move pretty fast you know! My favourite sculptures were the rock that looks like George Washington, and the decapitated woman with one breast, but a lot of hips!

Ballerina exposing herself
Rock that looks like George Washington
Willie & me
There was a "happier hour" here at the bar Scorpios, specifically for cruisers. They announce their happy hour specials over the VHF radio on channel 16 (which is the emergency channel!). Their famous rum punch (3/4 rum, 1/4 punch) had everyone mingling. I would say 80% of the people were québécois. Actually I'd say out of all the people sailing to the Bahamas at least 50% of them are québécois-not Canadian, québécois, there's a difference. I speak as much French here as I do English (if not more!). All the boats we've been travelling with so far are from Quebec. Who'd have thought?

 Thursday's are usually when the Mail Boat arrives, which is the boat that goes to all the islands delivering fresh produce among other things (it usually comes from Nassau). The day this arrives it is quite a scene. People were lined up at the door of the little grocery store at 9pm, ready to push and shove their way to get fresh food before its all gone. Doing this after a few rum punches is quite an experience. No one can say for certain what exactly went down at the grocery store that night, all I know is we have apples, bananas, tomatoes, eggs, onions and bread, and I accidentally bought whole/homogenised milk instead!

I did laundry at the nicest laundromat the Bahamas has to offer, where Ida makes delicious conch fritters for $1! And there's free wifi-which is pretty much impossible to come by over here, not bad for a laundromat-definitely better than in Nassau!
We may have eaten one of these spiny lobsters!

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