Sunday, January 26, 2014

Birthday on the Beach

I just had my birthday on Thursday, and have to say I had quite an enjoyable day. The weather hasn't been the best, it's been a bit chilly, rainy and windy, but it happened to be a beautiful sunny day for my birthday!

The entire town seemed to have known it was my birthday, since John had been running around in a panic asking for everyone and anyones help in what to do and what to get me. I had actually assumed he had forgotten (to be fair, it's easy to forget what day it is over here) until two days before a young Bahamian woman who works in one of the stores said to me " a little birdie told me your birthdays comin' up", and then many people kept saying similar things to me, even people I had never met before! That's when I realized that John had asked the entire community to help him out. 

In the morning of my birthday, Tina and Jean-Pierre from Brin de Folie made crepes and    they came over with them for breakfast along with our friends from Océane. Then John and I went to town to fill our propane tank (not exactly part of the birthday celebration, but they only fill propane once a week so we thought we'd better do it). It had been weeks since the propane guy had shown up, so there was quite a line up.

I also got a chance to feed some rays!

We had gotten into the habit of playing some volleyball on the beach (it's actually called Volleyball Beach), but usually it had only been 6 of us, so we couldn't have a real game. But today everybody (meaning all the Quebec cruisers, including the boats Angelica, Wind Dance, Water Music, Leane, Sagwa, Océane & Brin de Folie) came out to the beach, so we had a real game, and it was so much fun. Then after the game, Isabelle brought out a cake she made and John led all the frenchies in an English version of Happy Birthday as the sun set. 

But wait-there's more! John gave me my birthday present (a very nice, but also very tiny bathing suit), though my first present was the hot shower I got to take in our bathroom-rather than from a bag on the deck. Then we went out for dinner at a fancy restaurant at the Exuma Beach Resort with out friends on Océane and Water Music, which was delicious. At the end I got a brownie with candles in it. I blew so hard that I blew the whipped cream off of it. But there was still 1 candle still lit. A half hour later, exhausted from blowing, I finally clued in that it was a trick candle, but the staff certainly had a good laugh.
Out for dinner
All in all, I had a really great birthday. It was so nice not having the stress that usually comes with trying to plan a birthday, and being worried about who is going to call and who might forget (my grandmother called me-you're the best Baba!), and just having a great day, in a beautiful place. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes, to my new friends over here for celebrating with me, and for John for trying so hard to make sure I had a great birthday!

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