Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Rough Ride to Georgetown

So we have finally arrived at Georgetown, the place where many cruisers end up setting up shop. But before we got here we made a quick stopover in Ruddercut Cay, which is right around the corner from David Copperfeilds private island (guarded by scary dogs). In the water, David Copperfield put a big statue of a mermaid and a grand piano (why not, right?), so we went on a quest looking for it. It's not exactly located on a map, so we  drove the dinghy around while our friend Pierre-Luc from OcĂ©ane stuck his head over the dinghy, in the water with his snorkel mask on looking for it. It was hard to find, and finally we all just jumped in the water to go look for it, and finally found it. It's really cool, but also a little bit creepy. 

You can tell he's loving it!
Me & Isabelle
John & I swimming to our boat
That night didn't go that well. The tide went down and we had dragged a bit and were too shallow and were touching the bottom. Worse things have happened, but the winds were so strong (35 knots!) kept banging really hard against the bottom, which was not fun, and we were worried it would damage the boat. We tried to get the anchor up, but it was too hard. With a lot of effort and some help from a winch, John managed to get the anchor up and we were set to move to deeper water. Except that we couldn't, because the boat would not move an inch. I was pushing he engine full power, and we didn't budge. We were seriously stuck to the bottom. So we had to drop the anchor back in and wait for the tide to rise. Did I mention that it was pouring rain with a strong north (aka cold) wind and it was pitch black? But don't worry, the story gets even better!

John said we should get some sleep, but I didn't trust that our anchor was dug well enough and was too nervous. Which was good because less than an hour later we were very very close to dragging into a giant cliff. I was panicking that the boat wouldn't be able to move again, but luckily the tide had risen a bit and we were just off the bottom, and we managed to pull the anchor up and book it out of there. By the time we got re-anchored we had about 1 hr left to sleep before getting up to make the 35 mile trek to Georgetown-best night ever!

On the way to Georgetown, I took the first shift diving, but I was so tired and even though the waves were pretty big, I actually fell asleep at the wheel. I would wake up to see the sail had gone over to the other side. Luckily falling asleep at the wheel on a boat in the ocean, is there's a lot less traffic and you're really not going very fast, so the repercussions are minimal. But nonetheless, we made it there safe and sound and anchored in the very populated anchorage.

Here are some pictures of Topanga under way taken from our friends on the boat Oceane

Here is Oceane

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  1. Love the pics of Topanga underway!
    Get some sleep - falling asleep at the wheel, even in the ocean, is a scary thought.