Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

So after running around a lot (including an hour long bike ride to and from Target to replace a diesel covered carpet and taking Dexter to the vet). So plans to cross are still standing (though pending Lili Pong's issue they're having with their fridge, so we may be going solo) with slight changes. We are going to take the ocean tomorrow morning hopefully with Phil from Lili Pong on our boat and go to Miami, which should take about 4 hrs. Then we will wait there during the day, take a nap and do last minute preparations before leaving that same night (probably around 22:00) for Bimini which hopefully won't take more than 12 hrs.

So hopefully, if all goes as planned and the weather stays as is (fingers crossed!) we will be arriving in the Bahamas early on Tuesday morning for Christmas eve. Which means Christmas in the Bahamas!

This is the last day we can use our phone and Internet, so I may be a bit AWOL for a bit until we figure out a phone or Internet plan, or until we find a McDonald's with wifi!

So if all goes well, my next post will be from a more exotic place! Whooo! 

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