Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thanksgiving at Vero Beach

Before leaving Titusville, we visited a little place called Teapot and Treasures, which was the cutest little tea and breakfast place. It was in this woman's home, and really felt like my Nanas on Christmas, except this was like this all year long! I was a perfect way to say goodbye to Titusville (that and of course all the manatees!).
Teapot N' Treasures
Very festive!

On his back, trying desperately to get the drips of water from the drain pipe

What in the world is that?!
Thats his mouth!

We made it to Vero Beach in time for thanksgiving, as they're known for having a big thanksgiving potluck for cruisers. They were so packed that we had to raft up to another boat that was already on a mooring ball. This was our first time doing that. But we were more or less successful. 

Topanga rafted up
The mooring field 
I took the free bus (I love these free buses everywhere!) into town to get something to bring for the potluck and happened on the most magical grocery store ever. How could a grocery store be magical you ask? This is how: there was festive music playing, it was small and friendly (and obviously very busy the day before thanksgiving), they had free pumpkin spice coffee, everyone asked if they cold help me find something, and a woman who was packaging chocolate looked at me and asked if I liked white chocolate and cashews and then gave me the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted, just because!

Waiting for the bus back I met a whole bunch more of québécois (they're everywhere!) who were also at the Vero Beach Municipal Marina. There was a young family of 4 on a 30 ft boat, I don't know if I could do that, I feel like we don't have enough space! They told me that they weren't great at keeping in contact with their family, so after they hadn't heard from them in a week (they don't have phones or internet) they sent out the coast guards to look for them! Mom, Dad, please never do this, unless you are at least 85% sure that somethings happened to me!

The potluck was crazy! We had to go first thing in the morning and put our plates down to get a spot. When we came back for the meal it was packed, and there was so much food! I couldn't even find room on the table for my dish! There was a draw and I actually won! At first I won cigars, but the woman didn't think I would want them (shows just how much she knows me!) so she put my name back in, and I won again (and I never win anything!). I won a free nights stay in an expensive marina in Ft. Pierce (not far from us now). We met so many great people, with so many great tips. We met a couple who have been doing this for 25 years! We also met a couple from Halifax doing this for the first time who invited us over for drinks.
Our place setting
The line for the desserts
Dexter had a blast too!
We went over to Sea Sparrows 40 ft catamaran (which was so luxurious, they had fridges that were vertical, and a freezer!). We skipped dinner, since we were still so full from thanksgiving lunch, and went right t the drinks. We've really enjoyed Vero Beach, it has been a great place to socialize, since I think we've been lacking a bit of that. But the hot weather has disappeared, so onwards and upwards south!
Spanish moss even in tropical Florida

A trimaran (3 hulls) behind us

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  1. I'm sure mom and dad won't have to send the coast guard out to look for you cuz you're so good at keeping in touch. Good girl!