Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Minute Preparations Before the Big Crossing

There appears to be a good weather window open this Monday to do the cross to the Bahamas, so we are now in full preparation mode. 

Our friends from Lili Pong came to our anchorage, and after spending a day at the beach we went to work in devising a plan to cross together. Two of the guys girlfriends are here visiting for a month, which means there's 6 of them on a boat the same size as ours, pretty crowded, so we will probably end up taking one or two of them on our boat if we make the cross together.

We are planning on leaving very early Monday morning (as in 1am) so we arrive (12-15 hrs later) in Bimini in the daytime. We are debating whether to go straight across to Bimini or go a bit further south, halfway to Miami, since there is a current in the Gulf Stream that pushes us north, but it may make the trip longer, so we're not sure yet.

So we have 2 days to do all the last minute things. I have to take Dexter to the vet, try to do a last load of laundry (since I don't know how easy that will be in the Bahamas), pump out the head (it's very full!), fill up on water and gas, make as many phone calls to friends and family that we can (we don't know what our phone/internet access will be like over there), do a last provision of fresh foods, and get anything else we think we might need.

Of course, this could all change if the weather changes, but we would love to spend Christmas in the Bahamas!

Having a bite on the beach
Trying to take Dexter for a swim
Building sand castles
Beach bum
A little football

One of the many mansions getting ready for xmas
Our busy anchorage

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  1. I hope your travels go well and I have to say that it must be a thrilling experience to have Christmas in the Bahamas. The pictures look lovely!