Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hello Tow Boat US-my New Best Friend

After spending a free night (I won it at the Vero Beach thanksgiving) at Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce, we set off bright and early for the ocean. As we were nearing it, we noticed it looked a bit rougher than had been forecasted. We called another boat on the radio and asked, and they said that it is always rougher at the mouth of the inlet, so we decided to keep going. Turns out it was rougher after the mouth also, and seemed to maybe even get rougher afterwards.
No, those arent flowers, thats just a creepy amount of birds
A friend came to say hello
We were plunging up and down on the waves pretty hard, but I was feeling pretty good. John on the other hand wasn't feeling so hot. I gave him a meclezine pill and my sea-bands, and soda crackers and a ginger beer, but nothing seems to make it better, until he ralphed over the side of the boat. 

It was pouring rain for the entire day, and we were cold and soaked to the bone. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except we were having engine problems-dun dun dunnnn.

A bolt broke in the engine and it cut out on us. John went to fix it while I sailed (with very minimal wind, coming from a crappy direction, so we had to keep tacking). He got the engine up and running again, hooray right? Except then a while later it cut out again. But John got it up and running again, yay! 
My camera was straight, the boat was not
The third time it cut out we decided to call Tow Boat US (the CAA or AAA on the water). By this time we had already been on the ocean for over 10 hours, the sun had set, it was dark, the waves were 5-7 ft, poor Dexter was shaking like crazy and it didn't look like the engine would cooperate. I sailed us into the inlet (you heard me right, the prairie girl from Winnipeg sailed all by herself!) where the tow boat met us and guided us in.

We peeled all our wet clothes off, cleaned up all the diesel that had spilled out of the engine onto the floor and went to bed at 20:30. On a positive note, we made good progress, about 60 miles and the water is finally a beautiful blue!

We ended up in Palm Beach/Lake Worth which is where a lot of people choose to jump off to go to the Abacos in the Bahamas, but we're going further south to see people in Boca Raton and would prefer to cross over in Bimini, Bahamas. 
Only some of the things I hung to dry from the day

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