Monday, December 16, 2013

Greatest Show on H2O!

We're still in Ft. Lauderdale, waiting on a weather window to take the ocean to Miami. While we could go via the Inter-coastal waterway, but there is one bridge (the Julia Tuttle bridge) that is only 56 ft high, and our mast is 54', plus we have the wind indicator hanging on the top of it. I don't think we should risk it, even if we go at low tide, because I know John will be so stressed out about it. He gets stressed out every time we go under a bridge that's 65', so I can't imagine how this would go!

To get to the dinghy dock here we have to go under a very low bridge, so everyone has to duck down in order not to lose our heads-especially at high tide!
While waiting here, we took the opportunity to try out our new folding bikes. I was a bit nervous at first to take Dexter with me (me holding his leash and him running beside the bike) but he fared pretty well. My old dog used to pull me on the bike (so I didn't have to do any work!) but Dexter needs a bit of encouragement to get him going. But he did it! I'm pretty sure he's getting more exercise living on a boat then he did on land!We went to the biggest West Marine in America, it is the Costco of marine stores.

West Marine
 We also went to Ft. Lauderdale's annual boat parade named the "Greatest Show on H2O", apparently one of the top 10 parades in America. We went along with several other dinghies from our anchorage to watch them, and since we were smaller we got to sneak in front of all the motor boats who were already there. We each dropped a dinghy anchor because there was a current, at the end of the night though, everyone was tangled up together! There was 100 boats! A lot of them had live bands playing, and all kinds of crazy stuff. The lights were pretty awesome, and a lot of the boats huge, but also a lot of advertising. 

It says "A Prom to Remember", but it's December right?
Even the Jews were there!

I didn't even know there was such a thing as boat parades, and now I've seen 2!


  1. Love those midget bikes.
    Yes, wife, I know this is not the pc word!

  2. I sent you a text because I was wondering if you had made the crossing to Bimini yet. Now I see you are still enjoying American extravagance. The bikes are so cute! And I can't believe the Lubavitchers have a boat float! Who knew ultra orthodox Jews had boat shoes!

    Wpg John