Sunday, December 08, 2013

Boca Raton-Livin' it up in the Rats Mouth!

Right now we're in beautiful Boca Raton (which means a rats mouth in Spanish-illegidly the first settlers found jagged teeth-like rocks here)but first stopped in West Palm Beach, Tina and Jean-Pierre from Brin de Folie who we had met early on while going through the Chambly locks, heard of our engine troubles and were just a couple miles over and came over to see us. Jean-Pierre is a mechanic and helped us a lot in fixing the problem with the engine, though we still need to replace a bolt that came off.
Brin de Folie & Topanga rafted up together
We dinghied to shore to get food for dinner with them, and had to pay a whopping $14 to dock the dinghy there for the day, which is insane! That's more than the mooring cost at Vero Beach. 

We walked around town and a car pulled up and a guy leaned over the driver to tell John that he was in the wrong part of town. I guess John didn't look rough enough in his cargo shorts and back pack!
Yep, these are everywhere, here jewelry stores also sell guns!
We had Jean-Pierre and Tina over for dinner and drinks to say thank you for the help, and then we both went to Boca together.

Here in Boca, things are much different (and nicer) than the other parts of Florida. Seems much wealthier here, and everyone lives in gated communities, apparently Florida is not the safest place. There isn't much of a middle class here, you either have a lot of money, or hardly any. It's condo central here but the houses along the waterway are amazing, so huge that they have outdoor living rooms!

Condo central!
We've been busy running errands, trying to get everything done before we make the jump to the Bahamas (hopefully in a week!) and have been lucky to know some people here who have helped run us around. My sisters friend live here and her husband sells sports paraphernalia, mostly baseball, mostly the Yankees. John got the privilege of putting on a world series right and swinging the bats of some of the most legendary players like Mickey Mantle.
World series ring
Mickey Mantles bat
The weather is beautiful here, the water is nice (minus the garbage and jellyfish floating around), and theres flying fish! Like the scene in Life of Pie. We were driving the dinghy at night and it scared the crap out of me! But John still went for a swim!
Dexters concerned!
Our new shower!
Dexter hard at work
Gettin' in the spirit!

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