Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Sunshine State-Minus the Sunshine

The gale passed though it was still windy and the water was choppy, so we went back on the water (down the ICW, ocean is still pretty crazy right now). While I was at the helm, we had the sail out and keeled so far over that everything fell to the other side, including me. The stool that we stand on fell out from under me, which has happened before, but this time I continued to fall, all the way to the ground, an epic fail.
Beautiful scenery
Nuclear submarine
Taking flight!

We said good bye to Georgia (which was ok by me, since it means that John will stop singing that "he's got Georgia on his mind" every 5 mins) and hello to sunny Florida (minus the sun, what the H E double hockey sticks Florida?!).

Since we didn't spend that much time in Georgia, I won't do a top 10, but I will say that they seem like they're trying maybe a bit too hard to show their acceptance of homosexuality, since they say so in their tourist pamphlet. Also, if you pick up a fisherman's crap pot, they will shoot you, no doubt about it. And hopefully by my next post, it will be warmer and I will be in shorts!
Yes, this is real

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