Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Disney World!!! I have been looking forward to this day for months! We got up bright and early and rented a car, which I was surprised how cheap it was ($32.95/day) and dropped Dexter off at Pet Resorts and Suits, also reasonably priced ($15/24 hrs) and were on our way to Orlando. What was not cheap was the tickets for Disney ($90/day), though the cost does go down quite a bit when you get a 4 or more say pass, which I would have had no problem with, but John can only handle so much of the magic. 

We went to Hollywood Studios the first day, and I really felt like a little kid living a dream. I went to Disney World once when I was little (20 yrs ago) and have wanted to go back ever since, and have finally gotten to live out my dream! Also, we never had to wait in lines- even to meet Minnie Mouse!
Hollywood Studios!
Meeting Minnie in her dressing room, ooh la-la!
Some of my fav things at Hollywood Studios is the great movie ride (they also have the authentic Scarlett O'haras BBQ dress!), though there were parts that were kinda scary/startling. Actually, I felt that a lot of things were, and am amazed at how young some of these kids were. We went on the new Aerosmith roller-coaster, that goes ridiculously fast, and I was getting nervous-but told myself that if these kids can do, then so could I! And I was right! Though I may have screamed the entire time, but it was pretty awesome. I'm embarrassed to say that this is this first roller coaster I've ever been on that went upside down (we don't have a lot in terms of roller coasters in Winnipeg).
Scarlett's dress
Rock n' Roller Coaster
I thought it was really cool and really enjoyed their animation studio. They have gallery's with drawings from the films and you can do a workshop where you learn to draw a character, we drew Grumpy (very appropriate for John).
Hard at work
Finished product
An uncanny resemblance
We also got to have the "American Idol Experience" when people audition and there are judges and you get to vote, just as if you were really at American Idol. It was actually kinda neat. I stupidly volunteered at the studio backlot tour and got tons of water dumped on me. Luckily I had a really gross rain suit on so stayed more or less dry.
The American Idol stage
My moment in the limelight
We had lunch at the 50's Prime Time Cafe, which is just like Momma' kitchen. They call you "kids" or their cousins. Our waiter even came and sat down with us at the table for a while (several times) and chatted like we were all good friends. We even had an older woman who got us to call her Mama. Everyone was really in character 100 % of the time, it was pretty awesome, and delicious milkshakes!

Just like moms kitchen!
This is how you view the dessert menu!
Having a TV dinner!
We saw the Fantasmic light show, and then walked around and saw the Osborn Family show of lights through the streets of Hollywood studios, with the fake New York skyline. It was beautiful (and very Christmassy) with Xmas music playing and snow falling. It was truly magical!
Fantasmic light show

The water is on fire!!! How do they do it?!
Notice the snow?

Then we walked around Downtown Disney and went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.
It erupts when youre least expecting!
Every 10 minutes the animals come to life and there are thunderstorms
I dont even know who these ppl are!

 Some other photos from Hollywood Studios
Honey I shrunk the kids!
The love of Golden Girls still burns strong
Us with Walt
Survey says: John is most like the character Scar
And I am most like Tinker Bell-Scar & Tinker Bell? Not sure they'd make a great match!


  1. Love the Disney blogs! And the Grumpy/Scar comments are cracking me up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd have said you're more like Belle and John is the beast in Beauty and the Beast. That's why you are a match. Love all your picture captions!! Aren't you glad you waited 20 years to go back?

    'Peg John

  3. Fun times, Fantastic photos and Forever memories!
    I want to live in the 50's Prime Time Cafe!