Friday, November 15, 2013

Snow Day-Minus the Snow of Course!

We dared to go back into the ocean! And seeing as I'm still alive, it went successfully. We had strong winds and 5 ft seas, and we were flying, up to 10.8 knots, which is really fast for our boat! I took the seasickness patch, a meclezine pill and wore the sea-bands and thankfully I felt pretty good. John on the other hand wasn't feeling so hot, so he took the wheel. This time we were smart and put the dinghy back on deck so we wouldn't lose another one!
So cuddly!

In the middle of the ocean we saw what I believe to be a manatee and John thought it was a sea turtle. I'm not expert, but I didn't think sea turtles floated at the top of the water in the middle of the ocean, or were that brown in colour. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Poor Dexter was running around on the deck and broke a nail and let out a yelp and was limping(which makes him sound like a sissy, but it hurts much more than if I broke a nail). Specifically he broke he dew claw (basically his thumb). I looked online on what to do and performed some minor surgery. I cut it off as close as I could to where he broke it (it was really high up) his poor white paw had turned red from the blood, so I put cornstarch on it and it stopped the bleeding. I cleaned it and put some polysporin on it and wrapped it in a bandage. My poor baby :(
Post surgery snuggles
Poor little guy
As bad as it was and as bad as we felt for Dexter, it did work well for Johns lame joke of "a dog walks into a bar and has a bandage on his foot and says-I'm looking for the man who shot my paw!" You have no idea how many times we make Dexter say that.
He's looking for the man who shot his paw!
The weather took a turn for the worse with 40 knot winds and very high seas, and many warnings over the radio of a Gale storm. Even just in our little anchorage we were rocking and rolling so much that things were falling on us from the shelves in the bedroom, which has never happened before. Poor Dexter was shaking! We decided to stay put for a day and ride out the storm. We had a "Gale Day!" like a snow day, except there's no snow (thank god!) and we're in a boat that is rocking all over the place. Nonetheless we made the best of it. Since it was so freezing cold (7 degrees Celsius-which is ridiculous-I know back in Canada it's colder, but you also have heaters and your home isn't immersed in freezing cold water), I decided to bake, because the oven and stove are the only things that heat the boat up. I made pumpkin scones (Starbucks style) for breakfast while John slept until 1 in the afternoon! I also made Chana Masala and Naan bread from scratch for the first time. 
Pumpkin scones
Chana Masala with Naan

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  1. Poor little Dexter!And your poor shot paw! lol! Keep checking it to make sure it doesn't get infected.

    Your baking looks delish!