Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Top 10 Things About South Carolina

1) Seeing dolphins, without fail, every single day!
2) The beautiful Spanish moss, that is technically neither Spanish or moss, but a descendent from the pineapple, not sure how though.
3) In South Carolina pineapples are a sign of welcome, and when you have a guest stay, you put a fresh pineapple on the table and when it goes bad, it's time for them to leave! 
4) That every single house has rocking chairs on their porch, at least 2 sometimes up to 6. A lot of them also have outdoor fans.
5) Shucking my own oysters and having a raw oyster shot for the first time.
6) The beautiful architecture and buildings that have been so well preserved.
7) The prevalence of the Civil War and that there's people here who are still adamant about calling the Civil War the "war of northern aggression".
8) That the latest winner Candice from American Idol is from there (Beaufort, SC), and everywhere around the town there were posters and t-shirts supporting her. 
9) That their cemeteries are so old and beautiful that they are a top tourist attraction.
10) That there are signs on the University saying that you can't bring concealed weapons into the building (the fact that that's necessary blows my mind!).

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