Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mission to Mars

We made it to  Titusville, Florida, following our friends on Lili Pong and Gatito, and it has finally begun to feel like Florida temperature. John and I have decided to stay a while (Titusville is the closest place to go to Disney World) while the others decided to keep going the next day because they have some visitors flying in further south. 
Thats what he did all day

The municipal marina here has a free 'cruisers caravan' which will take you to grocery and hardware stores, and pretty much anywhere you want. Mark, the driver, even stayed in the van with Dexter while we went into the stores-and we're not even staying at the marina!

The marina is also known for having tons of manatees around. Actually all of Florida is, and there are signs everywhere saying that it's a manatee zone (literally everywhere is a manatee zone) and to slow down. Why do you need to slow down? Because manatees are not as smart or fast as dolphins, and were on their way to extinction because they kept getting killed by boaters (accidentally of course) so Florida made a wildlife act to preserve them, now they're everywhere! The guys in Lili Pong had a manatee run into their boat, but they were going so slow, it just bounced off. There was a couple on their dinghy in the marina who almost got thrown overboard by a manatee-they like to scratch their backs underneath boats. They are the funniest looking things, but are huge, and pretty hilarious!
These signs are literally everywhere
Someones thirsty!
Hey! Move over, its my turn!
Their giant tails
That afternoon there happened to be a launch from NASA close to where we were and we took the dinghy to a tiki bar to watch it. It was the rocket launch of MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) mission, which is going to mars basically to look for aliens. It was a bright flash straight up into the air, and then it was gone into the clouds. Pretty short and sweet, but the noise it made was pretty crazy. I stupidly gave John my camera to take pics of it, so obviously I have nothing to show. He thought he was taking a video, but he wasn't.
No, this picture was not taken by John
We met up at the tiki bar with Natalie and Benoit and their dog, they're another couple cruising to the Bahamas from Quebec. After a few margaritas we went back to the boat and did some research for Disney-whooo!
Tiki bar
This little girl was so in love with Dexter, she stayed with us until we left
I realize I am incredibly unprepared for Disney, people really start planning so far in advance, I started planing a few days in advance, I kinda dropped the ball on that one. There's so much to arrange for it, tickets, doggy daycare for Dexter (I can't leave him on the boat that long!), rental car (it's about an hour away) and hotel (just 1 night), and then of course dragging John along with me! We're just going for 2 days, but jeez Louise, it's a lot. I'm not even gonna try to make dining reservations (which the site actually recommends making 180 days in advance), I'm just gonna hope for the best and have a great time no matter what-after all, it's the most magical place in the world-so I'm just going to assume that my dreams will come true! Watch out Disney, here I come!
The anchorage


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through Luna Sea's blog, enjoying catching up! Looks like you've got some great recipes...I'll be trying the pumpkin scones this weekend! And glad you guys have found some warmer weather! ~Jackie

    1. Hey Jackie! Happy to hear you found my blog, and I'm happy we found some warm(ish) weather! when are you aiming to leave for your adventure?

  2. Glad to hear it's warm finally! Gives me a goal for next month. Also glad Jackie found you. Have fun at Disney!

  3. Those manatees are really strange looking!

    Hope you have a magical time in Disney!

  4. Manatees look like the Basset Hounds of Marine mammals. Slow, cute, lumbering and completely harmless and defenceless. Please do not let John take the camera for truly important moments. He can fix a diesel engine and drive a boat, but everyone has their weak spot.

    Winnipeg John