Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Friends in Georgia

Since we weren't loving how much the boat was bobbing around at the dock in Savannah, we decided to go a few miles over to Wilmington to meet our now new friends Jenn and Mark. Before leaving I bummed around the city a little bit more, there were runners everywhere from the Rock n' Roll marathon that had just happened, where there is a different band at each mile, which equals 26 bands-that's a lot! It seems like a great idea, except the people who are running get to see/hear the band only for a minute, as they run by, so I'm not really sure who the bands are for. 
Mmmm salt water taffy in the making
I'm guessing this is for the runners, or maybe Savannah just loves bananas
Street art
As we were leaving we met John from the catamaran 40 Roses who had just come from a rough run on the ocean. He gave me some great advice (actually I'm not exactly sure that it was advice). He told me that I was going to hate John from time to time, like really hate him, and that we would want to kill each other, and I would be wondering how I let him drag me here and so on and so forth. So much to look forward to. 

On that note we left the Savannah City Dock and made it to Turners Creek in Wilmington, Ga as the sun set. We met with Jenn (who I had met online at a sailing forum called Desperate Sailors when John and I were looking to possibly find another crew member to join us) and her husband Mark. They just bought their sailboat Luna Sea several months ago and are looking to do what we're doing, but possibly more long term if they enjoy it. 

We went on their boat for dinner and drinks and good conversation. They also have 2 dachshunds, who I thought Dexter would be excited to see and play with, but for some reason he didn't take to them very well and hid under my legs. 

Jenn and Mark are true southerners. We were shocked to learn that they both had guns (Jenn actually had 2, one she keeps in her glove box of her car!) and that there are firing ranges everywhere, even at the airport (does not seem like a great place to me to be shooting). We also learned that if someone says "bless your heart" it's actually insulting. Also, being in the bible belt, people don't ask if you go to church-they assume you do, so they ask which church you go to. 

The next morning Jenn and Mark came aboard Topanga and gave us a TRX lesson (Jenn is an instructor). John and I had bought a TRX before leaving and hadn't even taken it out of the package. Needless to say, we were clearly the more out of shape couple. 
Setting up the TRX
Johns first attempt
My first attempt
It was surprisingly chilly for Georgia, apparently it's because of a"Canadian cold front", thanks, way to blame it on us! But it was so nice to make new friends and exchange tips and information, we hope to see them again in the Bahamas!
Jenn & Mark


  1. So fun to meet you guys! And thanks for calling me out on the guns... I'm still holding strong on being a Gun Free boat, but we'll see who wins that debate.
    Mark was very worried about you the other night. At first I didn't understand, then he reminded me that you only have your hot pink hoodie to stay warm! Hopefully you guys are warm and toasty and heading for better weather. Bless your hearts.

  2. Les photos sont tellement beaux (et drôle). C'est bon de trouver des nouveaux amis, même s'ils sont bien armé. Je ne peux pas croire que tu n'as rien de plus chaud qu'un hoodie. Peut-être, nous devons t'envoyer un chandail ou quelque chose comme ça. Hier il faisait 11 C ici, ce qui est chaude pour novembre. Bisous.


  3. Beautiful family photo- the three of you on Topanga! xox