Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leavin' on that Midnight Train (or Boat!) to Georgia

We made it to Savannah! We have both been looking forward to it a lot and were hoping to spend several days here but unfortunately there is absolutely nowhere to anchor that isn't a 20$ cab ride away. So we sucked it up and docked at the Savannah City Dock for $1.50 a foot (we much prefer to anchor because you can't beat the price of free!). The weird thing about these docks is its not really a marina, there's no facilities (showers, bathrooms etc), there are no dockhands (people who help you tie up) and to pay for it you have to walk 10 or so minutes and find some random parking garage in the city and pay there. But the location was amazing, right on Savanna's cobblestone River St. amidst all the action, restaurants and shops.

We were originally hoping to take the ocean from Beaufort to Savannah but the weather sounded bad. Boy were we happy we took the (slightly boring)ICW as we heard from other boaters that 4 boats needed to be rescued, one family was found in the water, and had already lost their boat-yikes. 

On the way over we were happy to have about 20 knots of wind and so we got the sail up and were flying at up to 7.5 knots. We hit a milestone in that we passed our first boat ever! Usually we are always the one being passed, even by other sailboats, so we felt pretty good about it! The couple from that boat later stopped by Topanga to say hi. Actually they came by and asked if my conscious is clear, which my first impression was -are these people from the church? Do they think I'm a sinner? Luckily that was not the case and they were just making reference (and a joke thankfully) to the fact that I passed them. John is also a huge fan of their boats name (Breaking Wind).

We walked the beautiful streets of Savannah (I don't think Dexter was a big fan of the cobblestones though). I loved the sounds of Savannah, someone playing the saxophone in the streets, another guy singing some blues, and the crazy lady selling roses she made out of sweet grass.
I never see my name!

We rode the free bus (with all the homeless people) and this one let Dexter on! We got off and walked through the beautiful Forsynth Park and I visited the first ever headquarters of the Girl Guides. There was a group of girls having a Girl Guides meeting which took me back to my days as a Guide.
Riding the bus
Forsyth park
Girl Guides!
I checked out SCAD (Savanna College of Art and Design) which was the nicest art school I have ever seen. It's in a beautiful old building and they seem to have every program imaginable. They also have galleries all over Savannah showcasing students work. Their school catalogue looks like a professional photography coffee table book. I may have picked one up and I may be thinking about moving here and applying! This also seems like an awesome place to be a student. The apartments are like New York style lofts with southern type architecture. The city is also easily accessible by foot, or they have a free bus. And best of all, it's legal to walk around with alcohol in a cup. Yes, you heard me right-the drink that you didn't finish at dinner-no problem, they'll just give you a To-Go cup! I knew America was big on doggy bagging everything, I just didn't realize to what extent!
Dream school

We decided to clean ourselves up and go out for a night on the town. We went to dinner, but didn't finish our bottle of wine, so guess what we did? To-Go cup! Next we went to a bar called Wet Willies (yuck) that had a ridiculous amount of slushy alcoholic drinks (yuck), many with 190 proof alcohol (which is 95% alcohol- another yuck). John got one of those that tasted like medicine, absolutely disgusting. We took our drinks on the road and ended up at a drag show! Who would've thought we'd find anything like that this deep in the south! It was a surprisingly fun time (even for John). Then we went back to Topanga, who was rocking and rolling from all the wakes of all the big tugs passing by, who clearly have no intention of slowing down. The dinghy was sloshing around in the water like crazy, needless to say, we're not a huge fan of this place for the boat. But we are definitely huge fans of Savannah.
Too many disgusting options, how will I choose?!
Dolly Parton

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  1. You NEED to come to school here! So glad we got to meet in person ♥