Friday, November 01, 2013

Hallows Eve in Charleston!

On our way to Charleston we were expecting a very long and boring day of motoring, but we got a surprise from some dolphins! We were playing music from Les Miserables, and John is convinced that's why they came, they're apparently big fans. 

This isn't  even as close as they get!
I saw some in the distance and immediately left the wheel (it's ok, John came and took it, it's the routine now when we see dolphins) and I ran up to the bow and got scared to death because one popped up right beside me, I even felt the spray from its blow hole. He was so close, if my arm was a foot longer I could've reach down and touched him! They kept popping up right beside and in front of the boat, we've never seen them so close! We continued to see them all day, which was amazing! 

We also saw an alligator which I was really happy about since I had yet to see one. John thought it was a baby, but when I looked at it through the binoculars I saw that it was only its head that we saw and the body was under water, so clearly it was so huge. 

We anchored in a little creek for the night while we had dolphins swimming around us and I made lobster tails and grouper for the first time-this is the life!

Lobster tails and veggie kabobs
We arrived in Charleston and walked around downtown in search of a Halloween costume. Charleston has tons of cute boutiques and I had to restrain myself from spending anything. As usual, everyone loved Dexter, people kept saying "I love his little socks!" I think some people may have actually thought I put socks on him. I also think they thought his bow tie was his halloween costume, little do they know it's just part of his everyday attire. We walked so long and were exhausted and were hoping to jump on the free trolly bus that they have, but they wouldn't let Dexter on, so we had a very very long walk back to the boat.

Tons of hermit crabs

The first Governor of South Carolinas house
King St
The music producer David Geffen had his boat docked at the marina where we parked the dinghy. It's apparently the 10th biggest boat in the world and is almost 500 feet long. It's humongous! We saw about 10 guys cleaning it. We were secretly hoping to go party on it for Halloween, but when we were taking a nap (since we were so tired from all the walking-we're not used to moving so much!) we were woken up by a really loud noise and saw that it was his yacht backing out. We missed our chance!
David Geffen's boat
That smaller boat came out of it, also about 10 jet skis in there
John and I ended up going as Micky and Minnie mouse, which was pretty easy and Dexter reused his pirate costume (I know, how embarrassing). Apparently Halloween is huge here and is a month long holiday, we saw people dressed up all over the town. We went to a bar called Mad River Bar and Grill, and had a surprisingly fun time for not knowing anyone and everyone loved our costume. I don't think there was a single person not dressed up, people really go all out!

Micky & Minnie
The Mad River


  1. What an amazing dream you're living!

  2. Aw I was Minnie Mouse too for hallowee!. Does John know we're soul mates?