Friday, November 29, 2013

Dreams Do Come True at Disney!

Magic Kingdom time! We took the ferry from the parking lot to the Magic Kingdom and when we entered I was totally taken aback at how amazing it was. It was a little town, with city hall, the town theatre and a barber and everything, so cool! Just as we were walking in, a horse drawn trolly came by and a group of people in costume jumped out and began singing and dancing (with Xmas presents in their arms), I really felt like I was living in a musical-dreams do come true at Disney!

John needed a haircut, and what a better place than the barber in the Magic Kingdom? We decided that was more appropriate than the Bibidi Bobidi Boutique, though he still got pixie dust in his hair (which he wore for the whole day!).

Notice the pixie dust?
The Bibidi Bobidi Boutique
We first did It's a Small World ride and we discovered a great thing called the FastPass. You put your Disney ticket in a machine for a specific ride and it gives you a ticket with a time to come back to the ride and you get to go in the fast lane. They also have the wait times outside each attraction, and there is a Disney app that will tell you them too. The Magic Kingdom was definitely busier than Hollywood Studios, so we were glad to discover this.

The jews were there too!
We used the FastPass to go on the Peter Pan ride (definitely the most popular, at least an hour wait), space mountain, adventures of the little mermaid and to meet Micky and the princesses. Sleeping beauty was not impressed that John had only slayed 3 dragons for me this week, and said he better speed up if he wants to keep me-agreed!

When we met Micky, he asked us how long we had been married, and I said that we aren't and the photographer said, "that's a sore spot with Micky", I guess him and Minnie never tied the knot? Apparently I was so starstruck and overcome with amazement that I was actually meeting Micky Mouse, so when he asked me what the secret to our relationship was, John said patience and I stumbled and said "wine" (way to impress Micky right?). Micky then replied "oh! I'll have to remember that!", at least he has a sense of humor!

After visiting tomorrow land and Tom Sawyers Island, we watched the electrical parade of lights and then the most amazing fire works show I have ever seen. It's really amazing what they can do, they can transform the castle to look like so many different things just with, what I'm assuming is, a projection. It really was a truly magical day, but boy is it exhausting, after living on a boat for 3 months, my legs were in serious shock! I am thoroughly impressed at how well the actors stay in character, how organized Disney is, and how much fun it can be at any age!
Heres some extra photos just for fun!
The regal carousel

Not quite strong enough!
You better believe I ate that!
See any resemblance?

With Walt and Micky

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