Monday, November 18, 2013

Daytona: Americas Most Famous Beach

We sailed together with Lili Pong and Gatito to Daytona Beach, or rather we trailed behind them. Gatito is a catamaran and is bigger and goes much faster than us, apparently Lili Pong (who is only 1 ft bigger) also goes much faster. They were at half power motoring, we were at full throttle with the whole front sail up and we were still a bit slower. John blames it on the fact that we're towing the dinghy which he says makes us lose 1 knot of speed (it's such a pain to hoist the motor, then the dinghy back on deck, so not worth it), but I still think we'd be slower with it on deck.
Laundry day?
Lili Pong
Daytona anchorage
We arrived at Daytona Beach, which was not in it's "spring break Whoo!" or "girls gone wild" state (which John experienced in his youth). I really wanted to see "Americas Most Famous Beach" even though it was crappy and raining out. We tried to find a place to tie the dinghy up, but there were no boat ramps or marinas on the side of the beach. After trespassing on some private properties, we tied up to a pole sticking out the water, under a bridge. That's how we roll.
John in the dinghy
Our ghetto docking
You ready for this ladies?
Controlling traffic on the beach

After walking past several run down strip clubs and biker bars, we made it to the beach. There were a bunch of cars parked on the beach (is this the modern days lovers lane?). Daytona is known to be the birthplace of speed (no, not the drug), and is famous for being able to drive on the beach and have drag races (no, not with drag queens) on the beach. Every Friday after thanksgiving 300 antique cars have a race on the beach and then a parade, which would be cool to see. This is probably the one cool factor here, though I'm sure on a nice sunny day the beach would be much more appealing.

After pealing off our wet clothes, I did an attempt at a pumpkin-sweet potato soup, which doing by hand and without any sort of electrical blending appliance makes somewhat more challenging, and chunky!

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