Monday, November 04, 2013

Charleston: Home of Rhett Butler

"Oh Rhett, you are no gentleman!" In case some of you have forgotten, but Rhett Butler (one of my first childhood crushes) is the infamous "man from Charleston" in Gone With the Wind. While it is mostly set in Georgia (our next state!) Rhett is from Charleston, and ends up leaving Scarlett and moving back there in the end (sorry for the spoiler, though I'm hoping you have all read or seen it!).

Johns sisters good friends live here so while visiting Charleston we spent some time with them. Liz and Alex Grumbacher were kind enough to pick us up from where we were anchored and we had some much needed showers at their beautiful home. They have 2 children (Ayla and Jacob) and also a dog, Dexter was thrilled to have a playmate.
Relaxing with the dogs
Alex works at the synagogue in Charleston (which is one of the oldest in the US, built in 1840) so we went there for dinner and my first ever Friday night service. It was hardly what I was expecting out of a synagogue, for dinner there was fried chicken, Mac n' cheese and cornbread, a real southern meal! The service was also not what I was expecting, it was very campy and sing-a-long-like, with kids dancing and running around. It was so much less formal than I had thought, it's said that Charleston is the birth place of reformed Judaism, I just didn't realize how reformed!

John and I hadn't realized that the tide would be going down more and more each day (our bad) and found the boat to be in 2.5 ft of water-yikes. So we were more than touching the bottom, and it would be going down even more the next day. I convinced Alex to go help John pull up the anchor and move the boat at 8am while I stayed at their house and coloured with their daughter Ayla (so happy to get out of that one-especially since it took them 3 tries to get it right!). 
Topanga in too shallow water
Alex and Liz got a babysitter, and the four of us went out to a fancy dinner with a rooftop terrace at a place called Stars. We had such a delicious meal (which I took a picture of, though John was snooty and told me it was very "gauche" of me). We had a fun evening with the adults!
Night out on the town
Liz & Alex
My delicious meal

We ran some errands the next day, I fell in love with Trader Joes, and Liz and I convinced John not to buy the children's scooter he was convinced was a good idea from Target. He thinks that they will be great for us to get around the towns we visit faster. This scooter was for children 5 and up, and was so low, he would have had to hunch over the whole time. And he expects me to ride that with Dexter?! I'd much rather get a folding bike thank you very much.

We had the whole family on Topanga for snacks and some dolphin watching. They were right beside the boat the whole time, and the kids (and me of course) loved it.
Watching the dolphins
A dolphin doing a flip

Liz, Ayla & Jacob
The whole fan in the dinghy
John and I had a wonderful and relaxing stay with the Grumbachers, thanks to them we are clean, have clean clothes and are ready for our next adventure! I really enjoyed Charleston, the beautiful antebellum architecture (even the Urban Outfitters is amazing, it's noted in an architecture guide of one of the oldest!), the warmer weather, and friendly people.

I love these houses with the 2 story wrap around balconies-notice the outdoor fans!
Nicest store Ive ever seen!
Inside Urban Outfitters

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  1. Urban Outfitters?! What beautiful detail in the building!
    Your dinner looked beautiful and interesting! What was it?