Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wrightsville Beach: Our First Social Encounter

I was just complaining to John the other day of the incredible lack of younger cruisers. Of course it was expected that we would encounter more people older than us than younger than us. And not to say that I haven't enjoyed the people we've met thus far, but I hardly think the couple in their 70's is gonna be lighting up the town with us, though you never know. Needless to say we have by far been the youngest people at any anchorage or marina who are cruising down south. 

So you can imagine my delight when as we pulled into the busy anchorage in Wrightsville Beach we saw a sailboat from Montreal with what appeared to be 3 young guys! Whoo! We saw them get into their dinghy and heard them speaking French so I called them over. Phil, Sam and Anthony who are 23/24 years old are sailing down to the Caribbean on Anthony's grandfathers boat named Lili Pong. We made plans to go out for a drink the next evening.

The next day we took a very long walk to West Marine to buy tethers for our harnesses (happy Mom & Dad?). There we were approached by a young couple who offered us a ride back to the anchorage. Turns out they (Logan and Caroline) are also heading to the Bahamas! They've done this before and have captained boats professionally and have a crazy amount of experience-and they're only my age! They work at a sailing camp at the 79th st Boat Basin in NYC (where we stayed) and then sail south for the rest of the year-not too shabby!

That evening Logan and Caroline came over for drinks and later the boys from Lili Pong. Then we all went out on the (very small) town. Unfortunately I didn't bring my purse but John had my student ID (which has my birthday on it, and is all I ever needed in Montreal). We went to 3 different bars, and only the third one let me in, probably because it was dead and I pretended to speak French and distract him enough that he didn't pay too close attention. Apparently you're expected to bring your passports to bars, even drivers licenses aren't good enough! Logan ordered PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) in the bottle-which we never knew existed (we've only seen it in can form). Alcohol is so cheap in the states, 2 beers, 2 vodka sodas and 1 martini all together only cost $14.95! That's about the price of 1 martini in Montreal.
Party on Topanga!

John had to leave his Do-Rag on the boat

We had a great night, it was so nice to socialize with someone other than John! We exchanged contact info with our new friends, and hope to see them again soon!

Saw more dolphins!
A beautiful sunset at Wrightsville Beach
The anchorage

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  1. Yes, we're happy you've finally got tethers. Just called you back, but no luck. Given that it is 10:30 your time on a Friday night, you are probably partying. Je suis content que vous avez trouvé des jeunes gens comme vous. Ceux qui ont de l'experience, j'espère que vous pouvez parler avec eux. Prenez des notes. J'ai aussi entendu que la saison des orages semble moins féroce cette année. Bonne nouvelles! Et si tu peux, ma chère, prends un peu plus soins avec ton orthographe. Tu as écrit 'decent, au lieu de 'descent' dans le blog de l'autre jour. C'est pas grave, mais je sais que tu ne veux pas faire des tels erreurs si tu peux les facilement éviter. Bisous!

    Winnipeg John