Monday, October 21, 2013

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?

We decided to stay the day in Beaufort since it seemed like a nice place to explore a bit and we were feeling pretty run down since we've been going pretty hard and having very long days (10-11 hrs of driving). When we woke up in the morning I was so pleasantly surprised to see a whole herd of wild horses right by where we were anchored. It was amazing! They were so beautiful, and they kept moving closer towards us. I even heard one let out a big nehhhhh! Rachel Carson who is known to be "the mother of the environmental movement" wrote her first book about Beaufort and so there's a reserve where some of the horses lived called the Rachel Carson Reserve. 
Right in front of where we were anchored

We got our dinghy (I've named her Runner Up, since I really miss our old one) in the water for the first time and tried her out. Dexter was so excited to see land, whenever he sees it in the distance he freaks out. We got up to the dinghy dock where the cast of Dawson's Creek was hanging out (aka a bunch of teenagers). We tied up and got onto land.
Our dinghy
At least ours doesn't look like this!
Lovin the dinghy ride
Beaufort is definitely a very boat friendly town, and lots of sailboats. It's supposedly more sailor friendly than its neighboring town of Moorhead, which is why we chose it. They had so many cute little boutiques with boat stuff and everywhere had signs that said that they were dog friendly and to please bring your dogs inside. Everyone loved Dexter, I think that's why people are so friendly to me, it's just a rouse to get to Dexter.

Waterfront boutiques
This was anchored nearby, and decorated for halloween!
We had a lovely Mexican feast at the Plaza Mexico and were so full after it was hard to move. They had a bunch of tour boats there that will take you to see dolphins, wild horses, go fishing, and shelling (I think that has to do with all the many clam shell that are everywhere). In the Taylor's grocery store (more like a gas station) I asked a boy working there if he new of any place where I could get some fresh fish to BBQ. He told me his daddy had some and his place was just around the corner. This must be how they do business in small towns.
Topanga anchored
At least ours is the nicest outta this bunch!
We walked around a bit more and got back in the dinghy and went back to the boat. We had a nice hot shower (after running the generator for a while). I made a blue cheese dip with the leftover sour cream and blue cheese (can you tell a had a lot of blue cheese to use up?) and had a nice relaxing evening. 
Sour cream + blue cheese dip

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