Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Tale of the Stormy Night (actually 3) and the Day I Never Left theCabin

 The past 3 days we've been stuck in Norfolk, Virginia. Not that it's not a lovely place, but I can't say we've been out to see the sights. There's been a crazy storm going on here, none like I've experienced in Canada-though maybe that's because I generally have a structured building on solid land to retreat to when it storms. The weather report has been saying there is a Gale warning (basically a major storm), a flood warning, hazardous weather outlook, rain (no kidding), North east winds 25-30 knots with gusts up to 35 (though our wind indicator indicated higher) and waves of 7-8 ft-awesome. The boat was getting knocked around so much and things were sliding all over. The wind was so loud outside, I felt like we were going to be picked up by a tornado and taken to OZ (which maybe wouldn't have been so bad, I hear it's lovely this time of year). 
Rained so much the docks are under water!

The wind was so strong it tore up our Canadian flag :(
We needed electrical work done, but the guy was no where to be found. We desperately needed to get groceries and do laundry but the guy who said he'd lend us his car was nowhere to be found. Actually no one was. They closed up the office early and it was pretty quiet (except for all the wind and rain of course). I can't really blame them, it was awful weather, but we had absolutely no fresh food-so we've been eating pasta for the past 3 days. Luckily though, we did have margarita mix and tequila!
A gloomy day

What really sucks is that on "my side" of the bed there is a leak, so whenever it rains I am woken up in the middle of the night covered in cold water. So now we have fashioned a bowl with a cloth in it (Johns solution last time was put a string in the crack where it's leaking and then put the string in a bowl). Unfortunately, this leak is close to the centre of the bed, so we had to squish to one side of the bed, the bed isn't too roomy to begin with. Also, the bowl method isn't fool proof since it moves while we sleep so a lot of the bed is pretty wet. Actually, everything feels wet or damp, even if it didn't get wet, it's the worst.
The bowl-cloth method in action
The next day will forever be known as The Day Cassy Never Left the Cabin. It's exactly as it sounds. It poured rain from morning until the next morning (and then some more after that). John and I watched TV in bed (we he never lets us do!), and that was a treat. Luckily the electrical guy came, even in the pouring rain, and so we were able to get something done. So now the wind indicator display is installed and John is loving' it.

I had to some serious improvising with the pasta since we had a very tiny bit of sauce left. So I used a can of diced tomatoes and mixed it with the tiny bit of Alfredo we had left, added some spices and hoped it would be ok. John ate it, so it couldn't have been too bad. For dinner we had Jiffy Pop and chocolate pretzels, which I was perfectly happy about, and watched movies.

Yesterday we said, enough is enough, we want to get out of here, but we need groceries. So we took Dexter and walked to the grocery store. We thought the rain had subsided, oh how we were wrong. Before the grocery store John needed to stop at McDonalds and get 20 chicken mcnuggets (yep, I said 20). So we'll call yesterday The Day John Ate 20 Chicken McNuggets. We went to the grocery store and on the way back to the boat the sky let loose on us. My shoes had puddles in them that I squished every step I took. Dexter was half the size he was before the walk. We got back and wrung out our pants.
Pretty much the entire view of the town

FOOD! Finally!
Not such a happy camper

I went to the showers at the marina (with my umbrella) and took a very long, very hot shower. The rain finally subsided and so we were able to use the BBQ and since we had some fresh food had a lovely dinner of fish, portobello mushrooms, and also the rest of the pasta-it needed to go. Now we will have another damp, squished sleep, and hope to god the weather is ok and we can be on our way, we're starting to get cabin fever! First stop The Dismal Swamp, sounds absolutely charming!
Goodbye Cobb's

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