Monday, October 14, 2013

The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow?

Last night I made a 'thanksgiving' dinner of maple-Dijon salmon, BBQ green beans in my new grill basket, portobello mushrooms and grilled red pepper for John, Robert and I. This was a very entertaining evening, Robert regaled us of crazy tales from his youth. One of them being when he hitchhiked with a friend from British Colombia to Montreal. He was picked up with a guy who ended up being a drug dealer selling LSD, they were chased by police, then a guy in a car tried to run them over and ran over their luggage, got a ride from someone going to Winnipeg, there he got chased by a Doberman and threw rocks at him to get away. Him and his friend wanted to shower very badly so they went to the church and were turned away, they went to the police and asked them to lock them up for the night, they said no, finally they went to a hotel and offered to work in exchange for a shower. Then ran into the police who gave them 12 hrs to get out so they jumped on the back of trains to make it back to Montreal. What a life!
I also confessed to him that I felt he bore the uncanny resemblance to Jean Valjean from Les Miserables and I was shocked and appalled to learn that he has never seen, heard or read it. So of course I took it upon myself to educate him and played the entire soundtrack for him :)

My new mini veggie grill basket
My delicious dinner

Robert & John

Me & Dex
This morning John, Dexter and I did what has become our morning routine of going to McDonalds for breakfast. But it is a 15min walk there, so total of at least 30 mins of walking, though that probably only counts for 2 bites of my hash brown...Breakfast is the best meal at McDonalds, and the only one I can have being a vegetarian (I get it without meat), it's also probably the best for you. But that's enough justifying my love of McDonald's breakfast, and the now 4 egg mcmuffins I've consumed in the past 3 days I know you understand (right Mom!). I really need to get out of Norfolk!
"I'm Lovin' it"

We are crossing our fingers that the new GPS will come today, because we need out of here, NOW! We're beginning to lose our marbles and we're wasting precious time where we should be somewhere sunny. Though it's supposed to finally clear up and be sunny tomorrow, a week later, when we're leaving. Once again, thank you Norfolk.
I would not go on a boat named this

Low tide

High tide

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