Saturday, October 26, 2013

So Long North Carolina!

Since we stayed out late the night before with our new friends we decided to stay another day in Wrightsville Beach. I opted out of going to the hardware store with John and instead enjoyed the beach with Dexter. It was nice to be by the ocean, but not immersed in it. Dexter had his first experience with sand, I don't think he minded it, but was not thrilled when I tried to get him to put his paws in the water. John came and met us on the beach and took Dex for a (short) run. It was warm and sunny, but far from hot, so we decided to keep going south.
Dexter was in no shape to get up early-Rough night!
Dipping our feet in the ocean
Do I smell another dog?!
Out for a run
Daddy & Dex paw print combo
On our way, after just missing a bunch of swimmers practicing for a triathlon,  just as I was telling John that I read the area we were in (Lockwood's Folly) was suppose to be very shallow with a lot of shoaling (when the stuff on the bottom, like mud and sand move around a lot) we "ran aground" which means we hit the bottom. Luckily it was sand, but we got thoroughly stuck in only 3 feet of water. After trying everything to get ourselves out (and not succeeding) we were fortunate to have a kind fishing boat offer to tow us out, and after a few try's, made it out.
We're slightly slanted over on the bottom
Lending a helping hand/boat
Today we cross over to South Carolina, heading to Myrtle Beach where we hope it will be much warmer!

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