Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On the Road Again

Did the GPS arrive? Yes-but not on time of course. We called on Monday (it was originally supposed to arrive Saturday) and they said it hadn't even been shipped out yet! So we (thankfully) spent our last day at Cobb's (not that it's not a lovely place). We bought our dinghy from the elderly couple who are renovating their Endeavor 40' boat (we have an Endeavor 35). The wife said they've been married for 53 years, and they still "fight all the time!", I'm not sure if this is comforting or discouraging. She was also a huuuuge hater of Obama, she was very opinionated and her husband was pretty calm, cool and collected. I guess they balance each other out. The dinghy is 10.5' and just barely fit on the deck. We employed Robert to help us hoist her on. It's a good dinghy, but we really miss our long lost one, she was perfect :(
There she is
Hauling her onboard
A little too big, but she'll do just fine

That night John and I ordered Chinese food and I completely forgot how in the US Chinese food comes in the little Chinese food boxes (I realize that if you're American that probably sounds pretty stupid, what else would it come in? But in Canada it just comes in plastic boxes and paper bags), I forgot how much of a novelty it is.


The next morning John and I woke up early and took, what we hoped would be our last shower at Cobb's. We were in luck since after our shower we got a call from the office letting us know our package has arrived. Hooray! We bid adieu to everyone and took off!
Getting in the Halloween spirit-all year long
Crabs caught by another boat at the marina
Girls shower
Boys shower

Now the question is, did the new GPS work, or did we have to go back again? Yes it did work, but so does our old one now, what in the Sam Hill is up with that?! As frustrating as it is, we just have to ignore the possibility that we could've left days ago with no problem, and be on our way.
Goodbye Cobb's!-I mean it this time!

Back on the ocean, it had been a while since we'd been on the water and were not 100% prepared for what was in store. The ocean was very rocky, the bow was going up and crashing down in the waves, it was pretty rough. John wanted to call it in and turn around, but there was no way I was going back to Cobb's AGAIN. We brought out the front sail a bit and it got a little bit better. I was obviously feeling pretty seasick as usual, but was willing to tough it out to get us outta there. A few hours later we were out of the ocean and into calm water, phew!

We made it to Mile 0 of the Inter-coastal Waterway. Yay! We  passed by many more navel vessels, battleships and carrier ships, quite the traffic jam when waiting for rush hour traffic to be done on land so the bridge could open. We made it to Chesapeake Yachts, a free dock, after dark and docked there for the night.

Our lovely stay at Chesapeake Yachts

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  1. Chinese food in boxes! I have yet to experience this wonder, or go sailing for that matter. Damn you Cassandra living the life!