Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Myrtle Beach: The Land of 100 Golf Courses

I got the pleasure of experiencing the wonderfully tacky Myrtle Beach. We stayed at the Barefoot Marina Resort, since there were no anchorages nearby. It was pretty nice, with a restaurant/bar called Dirty Don's, beach volleyball courts, a huge pool and hot tub, and laundry and showers, and the people were very friendly.

We participated in an oyster bake at Dirty Don's where we shucked our own oysters for the first time. Our waitress also brought us some oyster shots, which are alcoholic shots with raw oysters in them-another first!

The marina
We walked around the town for a bit and did some provisioning, and on every block they have these ginormous, tacky beach shops that all seem to have giant sharks outside where the mouth of the shark is the entrance, it's really intense. Our waitress told us that there's about 48 in this very small vicinity-yikes!
A view of the marina from the bridge
One of the many beach shops
This is the land of 1000 golf courses, and it's no joke, they're everywhere, along the water, off the main streets, people are even driving their golf carts on the streets with other cars! 
A golfer

We enjoyed their hot tub with our box of wine while Dexter stood guard, and stayed as far away from the water as his leash would let him. Unfortunately a very strange man came and joined us in the hot tub, he couldn't remember what kind of boat he had and anytime John would ask him a question he would just respond with "yeah, I can't complain", maybe he didn't hear the questions... Needless to say, we got outta there as soon as we could.
Standing guard
We returned to Dirty Don's for dinner and were told this joke by one of the staff "What's a bunch of white people in an elevator? A box of crackers!" and then he gave me a package of soda crackers, should I be insulted? So far I'm lovin it in South Carolina!
The floating casino


  1. Oh MAN I just saw that shark shop on a TV show I was watching and was wondering if it was real or made for the show.. well, you have answered that question for me. LOL Hope you're having fun!

  2. Oh it's real alright! One per block! What show was this?