Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gettn' Groovy with the Cap'n

So, as predicted the GPS did not arrive as scheduled, nor will it tomorrow, so we're stuck here for a bit longer. With not much else to do I decided since we have clean laundry and linens, it was also time to have a clean boat. 5 hours of cleaning later (I even cleaned the stove for the first time!) our home looked spic and span and I felt much better for it. We went back to Capt. Groovy's for dinner again with Robert from Basta (too tired from cleaning to cook!). It was pretty busy so we went for a drink at the bar where-wait for it-got I.D.'d!! Best day ever! A guy who worked there recognized me from the night before and so got us a table right away. We celebrated my youth with oysters and a delicious fish burrito, 'bronzed' flounder and wine. Robert was impressed (maybe it was actually shock) at my healthy appetite. I noticed that on their menu they used a lot of abbreviations for words, like 'parm' for parmesan and 'slaw' for cole slaw, I don't think I've ever seen that in Canada. They also requested on the menu that you keep your eating time to a maximum of 2 hrs. Also, so many restaurants, and every single fast food place shows the calories for everything. Personally when I'm at McDonalds I don't want to know the calories, I know it's not healthy and has lots of calories, but I'd rather just enjoy it without feeling guilty after, thanks America for opening my eyes to the amount of calories I consume. He gave us lot's of tips and advice on all kinds of stuff and the best islands in the Bahamas. His relationship advice was never to yell at each other, that there's always a nicer way to say something (ahem, John), and that what he finds most frustrating about sailing with his wife is that she will ask him the same questions over and over on things that she already knows how to do (though they have been sailing for over 6 years together).
The pigeon hangout

The pigeons after they got spooked

At the marina is a little grave of a cat named Cricket, Dexter and I went to pay our respects to the lat Cricket.

RIP Cricket
This morning we walked to McDonald's (I hid Dexter under the table inside) and had a delicious breakfast. I have eaten a total of 3 egg McMuffins in 2 days (still doesn't beat John's 20 McNuggets!). We went to the Food Lion and got some salmon for tonight. The great news is that we met a couple at the marina who's selling their dinghy and are at the Annapolis boat show now getting it and will bring it back here tomorrow, makes waiting here until Tuesday a bit more worthwhile. They're also being so kind and getting us a gas tank and fuel line for us with their West Marine discount. $1000 later, or should I said B.O.A.T. Which John tells me stands for Bring Out Another Thousand. Hopefully it will fit on top of our boat (clearly trailing it behind us, not the best idea, which everyone has now also told us) because it's over a foot bigger than our last one. A big happy Canadian thanksgiving to everyone! And a great big thanks to all those who have been so supportive and helpful to us (and even to the ones who weren't!). It's Columbus day in the US, though no one seems to feel its very important. 
Half army, half mermaid. Did I mention the biggest navel base is here? She knows it!
At McDonald's
The beautiful "abstract" french fry art at McDonald's
Why don't we have sheriffs in Canada?!

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  1. Is it possible they are not sending the GPS system using GPS and that's why it's lost? I am so proud of Dexter for paying his respects to a cat. Actually, we do have sheriffs in Canada and sheriff's deputies. They transport prisoners between prisons or to trial, serve warrants and do a number of other things. They do not run for election any more than the police run for election. They do not have the power of police forces or the RCMP.