Thursday, October 31, 2013

Georgetown: The Ghost Capital of the South

After a very quiet and serene night anchored in a secluded creek in Cypress Swamp, with only the sounds of nature, we continued down the Waccamaw River, that had amazing foliage (yes I said foliage) with beautiful Spanish moss on the trees to the historical town of Georgetown.
Spanish moss

Our quaint anchorage
Georgetown is one of the 3 oldest cities in South Carolina, and most of its economy comes from its big paper mill, that emits a funny smell throughout the town. It is also known to be very haunted, a woman told me with complete sincerity that about half of the houses here were haunted, and there are people who will take you on a ghost tour. John was not up for it, though we did walk through some of the very old cemeteries. It has a historic harbor walk, but unfortunately last month they had a huge fire that burned down 7 of their historic buildings. There was a huge pile of what was left, and there were signs that people of the town signed in support.
The paper mill
The remains
A great place for publicity!

Supportive community
We walked around the quaint town, where everyone said hi to you before you even had the chance to make eye contact with them. Dexter got called adorable by everyone who passed. He also got complimented on his mustache, by a man who seemed to be genuinely jealous of his stache.
The town
They are also famous for their rice museum!
The famous Kaminsky house
We dinghied over to the Independent Seafood Market where we bought fresh jumbo shrimp, lobster tails and grouper.

Back at the boat we found a friend, a little mini green froggy (we called him Green Giant-get it, because he's so little, it was funny at the time). Dexter was completely disinterested, which is probably better, since my old dog tried to eat my iguana and scarred him for life.
Mr. G. Giant

This apparently turned into a photoshoot
Notice the wind blowing in my hair
Action shot
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset before enjoying a delicious seafood dinner! Yum! Next stop Charleston!
A rainbow!


  1. The photos, which are now visible, are absolutely breathtaking. I was wondering when you would hit the Spanish Moss part of the South. Love you and the little frog looking at each other.