Thursday, October 03, 2013

Dolphins?! The Ocean and I are Back on and Goin' Strong!

We left Ocean City yesterday and we were happy to find the sea very calm, though maybe a bit too calm since we could've used a bit more wind (only 5-10 knots) because we had very far to go. While we were in the middle of the ocean we got a visit from a little birdie (we named him Petey). He was definitely not a bird that belonged near the ocean, so he hitched a ride with us for a while since there wasn't any land nearby. Dexter was quite interested in Petey, though he was not so into Dexter and tried to make an escape into the cabin. After motor sailing for about 11 hours we finally anchored (in the dark which is no fun) in a place we think is called Wachapreague. We seemed to be the only humans in sight, and there was no phone or Internet connection, we were really in the middle of nowhere. 
Petey in the bedroom 

 As I was making dinner I noticed that Dexter was freaking out about something, and was on his hind legs trying to get something. It was dark so I couldn't tell what it was, until finally a saw little Petey stashed away in my bag. He was ready to spend the night with us, and I was ready to let him, but mean Uncle Scrooge (aka John) shoed him out (I guess he did poop on the couch, not cool Petey).
Petey hiding from Dexter
We got up bright and early today, in time to watch the sunrise, in order to get an early start and be able to anchor before sunset since we had another long leg to do in order to get to Norfolk, Virginia. Once again the ocean was like glass, and again hardly any wind. Along the way we spotted dolphins! They were pretty close to us and there was so many of them! They were jumping and playing, it was so amazing to see. And they continued along with us for the rest of the day! I think the ocean is trying to make it up to us, she's definitely back in my good books!
We made it to Chesapeake Bay and went over the Chesapeake bride/tunnel (it's one of the longest bridges that then drops to a tunnel that boats can go over). After going almost 60 nautical miles, we just made it to the anchorage in time for sunset (which was pushed back by 2 mins as we headed south, not a lot, but encouraging!). We anchored in Little Creek in Norfolk, right beside the biggest Navel Base in America. There are crazy huge hover crafts and battleships right beside us and planes overhead. All day we've been hearing over the radio that they're doing exercises with real fire arms and to stay 2 nautical miles away, yikes!
Chesapeake bridge
Chesapeake Bridge
Tomorrow we're going to Cobb's Marina in Norfolk, it will be our first time on land in 7 days! It's also the beginning of the intercoastal waterway. This will be a bittersweet goodbye ocean.

Also, if John's beard appears white in the pictures, it's mostly because he's struggling with putting on sunscreen. The rest of his face is usually pretty white from the sunscreen too, he's having trouble mastering the art of applying sunscreen, from where I'm sitting, it kinda looks like he has a skin disease...hopefully by the end of this trip he will have gotten the hang of it, I'm not giving up hope...yet...

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