Saturday, October 12, 2013

Can't get enough of Norfolk!

And we're off! Intercostal Waterway here we come! Or maybe not. We left yesterday morning only to have to turn around and return to Cobb's marina because we were having issues with our GPS. It kept saying voltage too high, turning off in 8 seconds. Unfortunately for us we rely so much on technology that we aren't very apt in navigating without our GPS (which we were shamed by an elderly woman who said she sailed for 20 years without technology). Garmin (the GPS company) said they would send a new one to us via UPS and we send ours back. It was supposed to get here the following day, but that looks unlikely and they don't deliver on Sundays, so we are likely stuck here, in the crappy weather, until Tuesday :( My biggest worry is that it's not the GPS that's the problem (it has been working for the past 6 weeks) but something wrong with the wiring or another electrical problem with the boat).
Dexter all ready for the next adventure, sorry buddy

A boat that wasn't so lucky
So that was the bad news of the day, now for the crazy news! The boat who ties up on the other side of the dock were at is called Basta, from Montreal. What's crazy about this is that in February John and I chartered a sailboat in the Bahamas through a company called Navtours, a Quebec company to get a taste of what we were into. Believe it or not The boat that we chartered was none other than Basta! What are the chances?! The even crazier part what the story that Robert (the Quebecois man sailing it to the Bahamas for Navtours) tells us that he just went through. If you can recall in my last post I described the awful storm that was going on while we were luckily tied up safely to a dock. Basta was not so lucky and was sailing on the ocean and it got them good. They experienced up to 60 knot winds and over 12 ft waves! And we thought we had it bad. The waves broke one of the windows so water came pouring into the boat. All of their stuff (computers, books, iPads) all swimming in water. He had a woman on board who was helping him sail it but she was unable to deal with the situation and stayed downstairs while he fended off the waves. Luckily he had an EPIRB (which alerts search and rescue services, something that John now got for us) and a helicopter came and what he called 'Spiderman' (because he wears a serious wet suit and mask and jumps down from a rope) tried to jump onto his boat but couldn't because he would've gotten hit by the mast. Thankfully 2 coast guard boats came, Spiderman jumped onto one of their boats, Robert threw them a line but it didn't make it since they couldn't get close enough to each other, what with the giant waves and all, so Spiderman jumped into the water, grabbed the line, made it to Basta but couldn't pull himself up because his suit was too slippery, so Robert pulled him up (he looks like Jean-Val-Jean, so he must be pretty strong) and then he got a line to the coast guard and they towed him out. Yikes! Now he's at Cobb's waiting for the owner to come and deal with the insurance and sail it to the Bahamas with him (the woman who was also there jumped ship the minute she got to land).
The BBQ didn't make it

Nor did the window

Now for the good news. Robert rented a car and let us use it for a bit so we were able to do laundry at the Soap n' Suds!!! YAY! I also did his laundry for him, since everything of his was wet. This was a pretty nice laundromat, but also the most expensive one I've ever been to, $19 for 3 loads! But it was worth it, now we have clean and dry sheets, and the rain has let up, for now. 
Everything there you pay with a "laundry card"

Then we went for dinner with Robert at Captain Groovy's, I think he was happy to meet some French speaking people, and to drink some wine!

Here we are, Still in beautiful, sunny Norfolk

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