Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beautiful Beaufort

After hauling anchor in the morning in Gale creek we continued our way down the ICW. We got into the Pamlico sound and into a bit of open water so we were able to get the sails up, but only briefly before getting back into a narrow channel. We kept having to slow down to let the many motor boats pass us which is kinda annoying. When we got into Adam's Creek. We saw a whole bunch of dolphins! They were so close to us, much closer than when we were in the ocean. Unfortunately I was far too excited to be able to get any good pictures! 

A giant silver motor boat whizzing past us
Yep, this is the best picture I got
We arrived in the city of Beaufort, NC which is where the famous pirate Blackbeard from the ship Queen Anne's Revenge (which is the main antagonist and ship in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film) was defeated and decapitated. They never found his ship until a few years ago (300 years later). They have some sort of replica of it here. Apparently because there are some strong currents on Taylor's Creek in Beaufort, there at a lot of shipwrecks and you can go diving to see them, which would be so cool, and creepy! 

We went to the Boat House marina to fill up on diesel, buy some wine juice boxes, accidentally disrupting a wedding that was taking place there. I overheard a fisherman tell a worker that he caught some dolphin and was slightly concerned. Luckily one of the workers clarified for me that apparently they call Mahi Mahi dolphins for some reason, pretty confusing in a place that has real dolphins swimming around. Beaufort is known to be one of the only places that still has wild horses, there not sure how they got here, possibly they were traveling boats that got shipwrecked, but they believe they are from Spanish decent. We saw a couple far in the distance and the worker at the marina said they're usually a bit more further down the island. 
Wine Juice boxes

The wedding
We dropped anchor and got a surprise visit from Matt from Attitude Adjustment (whom we met in Elizabeth City) on his dinghy. Then I made some coffee cake to use up some of our ingredients that would go bad since the fridge would be off. And made pasta with blue cheese sauce and lemon pepper tilapia. Finally we had Internet again, so naturally we spent the night not talking to each other, getting our Internet fix and finally being able to post our blog posts. 
Coffee cake!
Mini coffee cakes
Me in the oven

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