Saturday, October 05, 2013

Back to Land

The next day we motored 1 nm to Cobb's Marina where I had made a reservation with Nancy Cobb. I looked at reviews of all the marinas here (there's about 5 or so all clumped together) and this one, while not the fanciest seemed like it had the best heart, its a family run marina with no frills, but good people. And they have a full service boat yard and we needed some stuff done as well. We passed all the big battleships as we entered because the Navy shipyard/marina is right next door.
Enjoying the fresh air

It was an amazing 30 degrees, finally! John keeps telling me he's trying to take me south because I hate the cold, but I'm still wearing so many layers! The guys at Cobb's helped us dock the boat (they have pilings instead of cleats which we're seeing a lot of in the US) but we're not used to it so it's tricky. We went to the office and met Nancy and  she gave us the number of someone who would help us with our electrical work we needed. J.T. Cobb was nice enough to lend us his truck so we could run some errands. We went to Salty Dogs which is a discount marine store, which was such a smorgasborg of stuff. The owner (mike?) gave us some advice (for free! There was a sign behind him that said 'Advice 5c'). After he scared the crap outta me that we're not nearly equipped enough (with safety equipment, or sailing skills) to handle the Caribbean, and our chances of surviving are so much less than I thought. Then he listed off a million things that are must haves for this journey that we don't have (and also he didn't have any to sell us, so no help there!) he did give me a good tip on getting dogs into the Caribbean, which was a definite concern or mine. He said that vets in Florida will write post date examinations because they know how tricky it is bringing dogs into the Bahamas (you need an exam from a vet 48 hrs before entering-and sailing there may take a bit longer than that). And that the French islands are much easier to get into than the British. And just don't tell them you have a dog at the borders, don't lie, just don't advertise it. We'll see if this rings true.
Salty dogs array of merchandise

this is only one of the many signs he had up
After doing a few more errands (including getting an ice cream!) we got back to the boat and took a well needed shower. We're going to Toronto tomorrow for my friends wedding, so we packed and got all ready. Dexter got picked up by this girl who I met through a service that John's dad Charles recommended called DogVacay which is a great and secure dog sitting service. I said my goodbyes to Dexter (tear!) and since we actually looked clean for once, and the weather was nice we thought we'd go out for a celebratory dinner (we did just make it through 7 days on the ocean!). Nancy Cobb was nice enough to give us a lift to the Surf Rider Restaurant, which was the restaurant at Vining's marina across the way. When we arrived at the restaurant, the first thing we see is a patio with a bar, AND a circle of rocking chairs with elderly people rocking in them and drinking tea (I think?). Such an odd scene in the middle of a bunch of people drinking at a bar. I would have snapped a picture if I wasn't so stunned at what I was seeing. Anyways, definitely the best thing I've seen in a while.

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