Friday, October 18, 2013

Alligator River

Although I really wanted (and John secretly did too I'm sure) to stay in Elizabeth City to see their Gone with the Wind exhibition at the museum, with all the costumes and sets and everything, we decided to keep moving since we had lost so much time in Norfolk, and it's already mid October and getting chilly (I'm also telling myself that they probably didn't have THE Scarlett O'Hara dress or the best stuff since it's such a small town). Before we left 'The Harbor of Hospitality' Dexter and I went for a little walk to get coffee (you do not want to deal with Dexter before he's had his fix!) and encountered many of the friendly people of Elizabeth City. A woman running commented on how cute Dexter and I were because "we matched" (I was wearing a black and white sweater). In the coffee shop I had several people comment on how adorable Dexter is (he is isn't he!) and also an elderly man tell me what a beautiful sweater I had on (it really wasn't!).
Gone with the Wind museum window

We continued our way down the ICW (AKA the Inter-Coastal Waterway) and encountered a minefield of Crab Pots. What are crab pots? They are traps laid out to catch crabs. Why don't we like them? Because if we go over them they will catch in the propeller and stop/damage the engine. They were literally covering the body of water we were trying to cross. I went up to the bow to direct John because they are very small and easy to miss or confuse with waves. We maneuvered in and out of them until finally we were free of them. Or so we thought. Turns our they are all over the place, but as long as we stay in the (narrow) channel, we should be ok. We saw a boat collecting them, so many crabs! We were tempted to try to pick one up ourselves, but I don't know if I have it in me to throw them into a pot of boiling water...though I'm sure John does!

One of the many crab pots
We crossed the Albermarle River and got into Alligator River (unfortunately no Alligators have been spotted) where we dropped anchor just as the sun was setting. This post was probably written several days before I will be able to post it as we haven't had any Internet access or phone coverage since leaving Elizabeth City, and will probably not have much of it along the ICW, at least not in North Carolina from what we've read, unless we go into marinas. So, alas, John and I were forced to enjoy each others company last night without the distraction of the Internet. We BBQ'd looked at a beautiful moon and enjoyed some (2 bottles...) of wine. What do you do when you don't have the Internet? You drink!

We hauled anchor (and poor Dexter fell in the anchor locker, he was like a cockroach on its back!-there's not much room with the new dinghy, poor guy!) and continued down Alligator river. I made some homemade "egg Mcmuffins", almost as good as the real thing. It was a pretty uneventful day of driving in the channel to avoid crab pots and logs, and no Internet or phone access. Which meant a lot of listening to podcasts, blog writing and cuddling with Dexter.
Poor little guy!

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