Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Whale of a Time!

Yesterday morning we woke up in Atlantic City and heard a weather warning for small crafts (small boats) and hazardous seas with waves of 3-5'. You'd think after the day we just had we would take it easy, or not take a risk. I mean, I like roller coasters, but not ones that last 10 hrs. We decided to take the risk and test the waters and if it was too rough there was an inlet only 10 miles away we could slip into. We passed a boat from Quebec that were anchored near us, who said they weren't going out because of the weather warning...a little disconcerting but what can I say, we're daredevils.
Atlantic City

Luckily for us, the forecast could not have been more wrong! I mean, it wasn't like a lake, it was still pretty rolly, but nothing like the day before. I drove the entire way because it was helping me not get seasick (that plus the patch plus the sea-bands plus a pill!), but luckily I was more or less fine. The biggest issue for me is when I have to go to the bathroom and go down into the cabin, that's where I get sick. So I held it in for the 6 or so hours I was driving, not ideal, but better than being seasick!

As we were nearing our destination of Cape May, NJ John radioed a catamaran sailboat that was behind us, pretty much just cuz he likes talking on the walkie talkie, and will seize any chance he has. He also enjoys eves dropping on other peoples conversations, which can be pretty funny.  

We made it to the inlet of Cape May easily and dropped anchor with plenty of time to enjoy the sunset. Needless to say, a far better day than the last two have been!

John and Dexter enjoying a celebratory drink

Cape May

Today we headed out of Cape May and headed towards our destination of Ocean City, Maryland. The ocean was incredibly calm which was amazing. I drove for a couple hours and luckily because the ocean was so calm I could sit down and relax a bit without getting sick. 
A calm ocean, no land in sight

While John was taking a turn at the helm he suddenly yelled "oh my god, oh my god, holy $*%#!" and was looking off to the right if the boat. I though we were about to hit a buoy that he didn't see, and I went to look and it turned out that it was actually a whale that we almost hit! It was so close to us! Crazy! I think John pooped his pants! Luckily we didn't hit it, or it us, that could've been disastrous. But it was pretty cool actually. It happened so fast, there wasn't time to take a photo. John once showed me a video of a whale jumping over a sailboat, but said he didn't think it was real, I think he thinks it's real now...

We continued on and had a pleasantly uneventful rest of the day, which we were more than happy about. Now we're happily anchored in Ocean City, where there is a ferris wheel on the shore, which we've actually seen quite a few of since leaving NYC, what's up with that?
Dexter enjoying the breeze in his fur

Ferris wheel

another beautiful sunset

It seems the ocean is really testing us, but so far we've passed all of them, even if just by a sliver. 

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