Thursday, September 19, 2013

Watch Out New York City, I'm Coming for you!

Luckily we made it through the night safely. We hauled anchor and continued on our way. We passed Sing Sing prison, West-point Military Academy (the biggest in the US) went under the Tappen Zee bridge and finally the George Washington Bridge.With the sails up and the motor going (that's called motor sailing) we were going really fast and were able to make it all the way to NYC!
West Point Military Academy

George Washington Bridge

NYC skyline

A Happy Camper

Sunset in New York City

You can't say you don't love Dexter John, I have proof

Dexter makes a great pillow

John accidentally took a video of the 79th st Boat Basin

New York city! Leaving NYC I am exhausted! But it was great! We stayed from Tuesday-Friday morning. So we spent 2 full days enjoying new York. We arrived at the 79th st Boat Basin marina where we got hold of a mooring ball (it was only $30 per night which is crazy cheap since most places are 4-6$ per foot). This place was a bit run down but it was a great location. We managed to manoeuvre the dinghy into the water and the outboard motor onto the dinghy for the first time (and the first time just the two of us without an extra set of bands) and were successful. We took the dinghy into the marina and tied it up on a dock. Our first stop was to the apple store where we bought a MacBook Pro. Our first ever Mac, we've finally joined the club! Now it won't be such a pain in the ass to upload pictures onto the blog!  As we were walking along we saw the Shake Shack which I had been telling John about from the last time I was here. I had a delicious breakfast of a Shroom Burger (a portobello mushroom with cheese deep fried together) most amazing vegetarian burger there is. Then we each got what's called a Concrete, which is basically like a Blizzard, but better. I pretty much had the best meal of the trip so far.
Watch out Broadway-here I come!

I'm drooling just looking at this...

Riding the subway

Topanga on a mooring ball

I wanted to go to Times Square because I haven't been to New York much and wanted to go. John has been many many times and is kinda over it but he kindly indulged me. We went into the magical Disney store and walked around times square where we also saw the naked cowboy. I was also really excited to get some warm nuts that they sell on the street. I also got a soft pretzel. I think I was too excited...
Naked cowboy

Only John would be grumpy in the magical world of Disney

Times square


We went back to the boat to rescue Dexter who was hanging out by himself and took him to an awesome dog park. This park was fenced in and had bags to pick up your dogs messes and also pooper scooper. They even had bowls of water, a place to hang up your dog leashes, and apparently in the summer they have a doggy pool! Dexter had a blast! Dog people also seem like the friendliest people, especially in New York (no offence Mtl, but you've got some work to do).

John's cousin Laura and 2 of her friends met us and we took them to the boat with the dinghy. John was very excited for her to see his boat because she was the one who introduced him to sailing. We had dinner on board and celebrated with champagne :)
John and Laura


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