Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sails, Family and a Rocky Night at Cold Springs

We decided to stay until Sunday because Johns parents (who had the sails that we had to take off with the mast) and they were able to make the drive Sunday to meet us there with them. Since we had a day to kill we decided to have a cleaning/laundry day, so now the boat is spic and span! Apparently John has never done laundry because he was under the impression (even after we asked and were told that the machines take quarters-plural) that it would only cost 1 quarter, singular, men! Sean the owner also generously let us borrow his car to go into town to Price Chopper and get some food and to Verizon to see about a phone plan. What we found crazy was that apparently if you are not a US citizen you cannot get a phone plan-why?! People live in a country for a long time before they become a citizen, apparently these people are not allowed to have a phone. You have to a social insurance number (which is apparently not the same as our Canadian SIN) and that's how they track people by, rather than your credit card number or something. Also, pay-as-you-go seems to have a different meaning in the states as well. It's not pay-as-you-go, it's pay $60 monthly...really defeats the purpose if you ask me. Also (as the adult baby who served us said) "they don't call it the network for nothin!". We finished the day with a delicious dinner (made by me, obviously) of scalloped potatoes, salmon and asparagus-I will post my recipe soon!

Dexter made very good friends with Donna-Marie, a regular on the boat next tous. She was already pretty happy at 10am and by 16:00 she was incredibly happy-if you know what I mean! Dexter was getting in the habit of jumping ship, so she would just take the liberty of taking him for a walk, introducing him to all the regulars. He was not complaining at all, and Donna-Marie was in love.

Sunday came and we got a surprise visit from John's sister Alison and his niece Josie. Josie is 1 years old and it was her first time on the boat, I think she liked it, at least she definitely liked pushing the buttons! She even took a turn at the helm! John's parents met us as well and were an amazing help at putting the sails up. Now she really looks like a sailboat again! We celebrated with a lovely dinner at the marina restaurant called the Creekside bar which was delicious. 

We finally bid adieu to the wonderful Hop-O-Nose marina, and Dexter said goodbye to his one true love Donna-Marie and we were off, pointed in the direction of New York City Baby!
Josie with her godfather

Captain Josie

Turning the winch

Captain Grandmamman

Clare hoisting the sails

Showing off the new GPS to his parents

Sails are up!

Coolest dude I know

Yesterday we did 51 nm and got pretty far. Along the way John says to me "I don't want to scare you...but a lot of people have warned us about pirates and I'm pretty sure there's a pirate ship up ahead". He was right. So we quickly got Dexter into his pirate getup and placed him at the bow of the boat to defend us. He performed very well-Dexter, our hero! We later found out that it was a replica of the Henry Hudson Crescent Moon ship, phew! We anchored in North Cold Springs and there was a weather warning for a strong North wind, and they weren't kidding. We were rolling all over the place. We had a lovely dinner of what John calls my "gourmet" Kraft Dinner. Usually John is the one who's nervous about us dragging anchor, but this was the first time I got kind of scared, even though we let out 70 feet of anchor chain. We were constantly moving in circles, and pretty fast, and the wind was so loud and there were all these strange noises. This was definitely our most stressful sleep. Both of us kept waking up in the night to look outside and make sure we hadn't moved. 

Pirate Dexter to the rescue!

Lookn' fierce

Remodel of Henry Hudson's boat

Dexter and Cassy driving the boat

Apparently where they used to keep all the nuclear weapons

North Cold Springs

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