Monday, September 09, 2013

Rough Weather = Me Wanting to Ralph

Sunday September 8: this has probably been my least favourite day so far-let me tell you why. It has been pretty cold this whole time we've been gone, I'm even already wearing my foul weather gear-sometimes even under the covers in our bed (yes I'm a big baby when it comes to cold). This day was particularly cold, but that's not what made it so bad. It was pretty windy and the waves were about 2 ft or so (maybe not that bad for some, but I'm new at this!) I went down to make what John calls a "gourmet meal" which is really just a simple breakfast sandwich and coffee. Things got pretty rocky and were sliding around everywhere. Needless to say I started to feel a wee bit queasy, and then a lot queasy. I ended up feeling like I wanted to hurl for the rest of the very long day. Dexter didn't seem to have any issues with this, lucky dog. We finally arrived at Essex and I got off the boat and just lay down on the dock. Unfortunately the dock moved around a lot with the waves so wasn't too helpful. We went to the Old Dock restaurant where if you eat there you can tie up to their dock for free. John's godmother Carole who lives nearby came and met us for dinner and had some good advice, especially on seasickness. The room was spinning non stop on land and I still wasn't feeling so hot. When we got back to the boat I put on a seasickness patch (you're supposed to out it on 12 hrs before you need it-wish I had known that beforehand) and went straight to bed, even though it was barely 9pm.

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