Sunday, September 15, 2013

Re-masting at Hop-O-Nose

So we just finished spending 4 nights at the Hop-o-nose marina in Catskills, NY. We went there to put our mast up (after Charles, Johns Dad did a lot of research, even visiting the marina once, and decided this was the best place for us to do it, and he was right-thanks Charles!). The guys here were so incredibly helpful, leaving very little for me to do (which I was pretty happy about). They had a really serious crane (far more intense than the one in Sorel). With the help of Sean (the owner) and Tim (his worker) we lifted the 53' mast up and put it back in its rightful place. Before we actually put it back on the boat, we laid it out on the dock so that John could install his wind indicator (something that tells you precisely which direction the wind is coming from) on the top of the mast. He drilled holes into the side of the mast and Tim even grinded out a little clef for it-which was def a bit scary for John. These guys also helped us put on the boom, back/fore stays, mast boot and all the other things needed. They're even letting us store the wooden mast supports there while we're gone (and we'll come back there on our way back to take our mast down), which is super nice of them! The boat is finally looking less like a construction site!

After we got our mast up the most beautiful boat I've ever seen (a 65' all teak sailboat, very well taken care of), I was definitely ready to jump ship! We also met some other transients (apparently what boats who aren't members of the marina are called, though it makes me think of clairvoyance or something for some reason) from Canada who were making their way down to Florida. 

I was talking to Sean the owner and he was asking me about my sailing experience etc. I was telling him how grateful I was that they put the mast back rather than us doing it ourselves like we did in Sorel. He told me that he was surprised that we wouldn't pay someone to do it for us, but that sailors are notoriously cheap-hmmm...sounds like a sailor I know...

The wheels that crank the crane

Laying the mast down on the dock

The view into the boat where the mast used to be

Drilling holes into the mast

Hop-o-Nose marina

John saying a prayer as Tim grinds off part of the mast

Installing the wind indicator

Putting the mast back in its place

Sean speedily going up the mast to take the crane off

Dexter being of no help at all for a change

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